Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Past - Present - Future.... Infinite Possibilities

Journeys...... I still remember the first time I found myself in my car driving to Isis Oasis to be part of the Sunday Scrolls... It was several years ago when I was training to become a Priestess and I heard of this beautiful Oasis filled with Isis energy that Lady Loreon Vigne created for all of us to enjoy. When I heard of such a place, I knew I had to go visit it so I told my witchy friend if she was up for the ride and she said yes! Little did I know that would be the first of many trips to come!

A few years later I found myself making the same journey with my father when I was to attend my first convocation ever and be honored by Lady Olivia Robertson for the creation of Circulo de Isis and the project to translate the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy to Spanish. I see Isis as the Lady of Synchronicity and it was no mistake I chose to take my father in this journey instead of my ex-husband. Somehow, every time I find myself on the way to the Oasis I am doing the journey as a Maiden Queen, complete in myself and my father, Mr. Amor, was the one man selected to join me in my journey as I felt he would benefit from the Temple energy as much as I did. We did two journeys together to the Oasis and I am so grateful he got to meet both Lady Loreon and Lady Olivia. I know he doesn´t understand what I do as a Priestess but I also know he respects it greatly and has built some altars in his house for some of the Goddesses I worship in my own Temple home. If you know my real hair color,  you know I am blonde and my dying the hair black has been a big challenge to most of my family - yes, Grandma Lidia!!!!! I feel you angry about the black hair - stop haunting me for that and the fact I wear no make up!!!! But my father... after being in Isis Oasis twice and experiencing the magick of that place, has been telling my family... "She has black hair because she is a Priestess of Isis and Isis has black hair, don´t you see it?" He has made me smile more than once with that comment!

Last Friday, I found myself in my car driving to Isis Oasis to be part of the Inner Sanctum Symposium of Infinite Possibilities. I was physically alone in the car but I knew many of my ancestors were with me. I could feel Lady Loreon and Lady Olivia in the back of the car along with my mom, my grandmothers and my aunt. We were having a girls party there with the music!! Until I got to a part of the journey where I could see the smoke in the front... There was a fire but I couldn´t tell whether it was a building or a car burning, I started thinking what if a car exploded.... a million of what if´s came to my mind but I managed to stay calm and asked my guides to clear the way for me. Traffic was quite horrible but there is a reason for everything and during that time I just did traffic and surrender the need to control the situation and allow myself the freedom of getting there when the time was right in perfect Isis time.

I arrived at the Oasis close to 6 pm just in time for dinner to find out that I had to come to dinner as my favorite Goddess. The Planning Queen was not prepared and hell did not break lose, I just kept myself in the present time and created a perfect Sekhmet outfit in the spur of the moment... yes! I can create in the spur of the moment and surrender to no plans! Needless to say, when I got to dinner I sat with a Sekhmet sister without even knowing she was coming as the same Goddess as I was coming! That energy definitely calls and we were vibrating at the same energy. When Rain explained our name tags and she mentioned that on the back of the name tag we had a message and that people could approach us to ask what our message was I found my message was "My message is Strength, I am the embodiment of this gift and I give this gift to others with the blessings of Sekhmet." Coincidence?!?! I don´t think so! Isis, Lady of Synchronicity, was at work again making sure everything was just perfect even when I had not planned it. 

On Saturday morning I found out that the words I had planned to say during Lady Loreon´s memorial ritual were not correct.... somehow I had not understand the instructions so I had to come up with new words in the spur of the moment! Are you seeing the pattern?!?! Spur of the moment things!!!!! But as Ava Park has said to me, the Queen plans but she is always open and flexible to adapt to the energies of the environment!

My role in the memorial ritual was the one of representing the Goddess Wadjet, the serpent Goddess! If you know me, you know I am very respectful of reptiles and I keep myself far far away from them! During Saturday, I had plenty of possibilities to be around snakes! Yes, there was one wanting to crowl on me during one of the workshops and I was like... don´t let it get to me! Thank Goddess, no snake crawled on me but I was in high alert for sure! I felt Lady Olivia and Lady Loreon laughing at the contradiction of me being Wadjet but scared of the snakes around me. 

I finally came up with the best Wadjet outfit I could come up with  two hours before the ritual... yes! I am such a non-theatrical Priestess that was hard for me to bring Wadjet energy in a theatrical way! I don´t make up, I don´t dress up... it´s just me! Simple me! Although I could not conjure Egyptian eyes, I was able to bring the Lady of the Serpents out!!! The ritual was a success! I was the only Goddess coming along without a partner but Ra needed the night off and the Goddess can hold it for both of us :) I also felt it was appropriate for me to walk alone and Isis was, once again, playing a big part on the teachings for this weekend. 

We had ice-cream and wine in the pavilion  and felt like home! I think we all needed some comfort food and great company to end a night of feeling that our elder was not there in physical form anymore but she was 100% in spirit! I felt her a couple of times!!!

Sunday came in no time and I had to get ready for my presentation. As I prepared myself to my talk, I felt a little anxious but as my best friend said... I was alive.... If I don´t feel nervous I would be dead. It was my first time speaking at Isis Oasis and I felt quite anxious. I was also stressed about my topic being too feminine and having men in the audience. In the end, it all worked perfectly and even some of the men were running wild saying I am a "Maiden". It was nice to see everything worked out nicely and I could feel all my ancestresses smiling at me because I had made it through.

As I drove back to my home Temple, I reflected back on the past as the first time I went to Isis Oasis and the present time of being a presenter. I also saw a bright future and Lady Loreon Vigne´s legacy continuing in all the Priestesses and Priests that were present in that day and the more ones to come. Isis will bring us together and there are infitine possibilities to bring the Goddess back into our lives.

Many blessings,

Carolina Amor