Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ebb and Flow

We are all sailing in the ocean of life and some of us are going with the ebb and flow while others are trying to push the river... others are just giving up and blaming the universe for all the stagnant water they have around their boat without taking any responsibility for the situation they face today. I have to say it is easier to blame the universe than take ownership of the big swamp we have created in our lives. It takes courage to see that things are the way they are and intend to change them so we can create a beautiful ocean that will move us in the direction of our life purpose and makes us feel uncomfortable when we are derailing from our authentic life.

Since I came back from Miami last April, I can say that my life has experienced a big shift. For the first time in my life I chose to let Goddess lead the way and move myself out of the way. The Universe decided to send me an SOS and show me the way to the Hay House Summit, an online event that introduced me to several teachers and mentors whose message was just what I needed at that time. I started working with Sonia Choquette, Colette Baron-Reid, Jennifer Grace and Doreen Virtue. I reconnected with the Angels and Archangels, I opened up to my intuition and all my guides and decided to start living a magical life. I also decided to start making sh#t happen like Jennifer says. I committed myself to let the flow of life move me... These days I start my day asking the Divine to guide me and use me to bring Her message to this world. That every step of my journey is for the highest good for everyone concerned and also for the rest of the world. 

Living a guided life does not mean we don´t face the ebb. The ebb is also there to help us re-adjust. It is also there to rock our boat and provide an opportunity for us to learn a different path. We should be as grateful to the ebb as we are to the flow because both are just helping us grow and become the person we were born to be... our authentic self.... that self that is not based in fear or tradition, it´s not structured by the tribal beliefs but it is the one that is our core, our heart, our authentic being. We may come from different planets and we are all unique in our own way but one thing that brings us together is that each of us has a purpose, each of us has a mission and the closer we get to it, the happier and more fulfilled we feel. The farther we are from it, the more disconnected and unhappy we feel and then we feel that the ebb is just a curse and we may tend to become victims in our own lives.

Today choose to be moved into the ebb and flow of your own life. Choose to live an authentic life. Choose to not care about what others think or say about you. Choose to be YOU! The unique and beautiful being you are. Be grateful for the ebb that re-adjusts your course and let your boat move with the flow. The ocean of  your life is yours to explore. Just let go of control and trust. Your authentic self is waiting for you on the other side.

Love and Light,

Carolina A. Amor

Friday, August 7, 2015

Who is directing your life?

Are you sitting in the driver´s seat of your life? If you are not, who is driving? Where is your GPS? Do you know where you are going? Clarity leads to better manifestation of your own reality. The key is to know that you are always co-creating your reality with the Divine. If you don´t know what you want to create, then your manifestation will reflect that. I usually tell my clients it is important to have as many details about what they want to create so the Universe can deliver it to them. Know what type of item, what color, what size... if you are trying to manifest a job think about what hours you want to work, what days, what type of job, what type of environment in the company, do you want to work for others or be self-employed? The more details the better because if not they Universe may send you something that will not be what you wanted but it fits some of the specifications that you had.

Last month, I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Grace, the author of the book "Directing your Destiny: How to Become the Writer, Producer and Director of your Dreams" and it really reminded me that we create our reality. It´s our thoughts and our beliefs what create our reality. It is also about the clarity you have to create what´s in your heart instead of creating a horror movie that has no happy ending. 

In order to get clarity of what we want to manifest, we need to connect with our authentic self and let go of the illusions and mandates of our lives. It is important to peel the layers to get to what is really important. Sonia Choquette says that in order to find our true self we need to connect with what we like doing ... One way is by completing the phrase.. I love...

I love teaching. 
I love dancing.
I love writing.
I love reading the cards.
I love helping others.
I love being a guide.
I love being a lighthouse.

You get the concept, right? Then you can affirm it by placing your hand on your heart and asking yourself "Is that true?" If you get a profound YES! it means that´s your authentic self talking to you. Then it is your task to bring to this reality the situations that connect with your authentic self because if you don´t do that, you will be faced with resistance and feelings of being uncomfortable or not in line with your purpose and your true nature.

Working with these concepts have made me realize that I need to bring my life more in line with my purpose. Most of you know that I have an 8 to 5 job that is not very connected to my spiritual path and my purpose in life so I am committed to make my Priestess job a sustainable job so I can dedicate my life to be a healer, a teacher, a guide and help others find their purpose in life and follow their dreams. It all starts with re-writing my life story to make my purpose the center. I know I can manifest my reality. I am deeply grateful for all the experiences that have brought me to where I am because without my 8 to 5 job I wouldn´t have been able to realize that my path is different. Without the teachers I´ve had so far, I wouldn´t have been able to get the clarity of my new objective. Now I can see it, I can name it, and I can claim it! 

I am the director of my life. Can you say the same? Who is directing your life?

Love and Light,

Carolina A. Amor

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