Thursday, May 7, 2015

To Charge or not To Charge... that´s the big question

Have you ever wondered why charging for services in a spiritual realm has such a bad reputation? Where does that come from? If I look at Catholic Priests, they live fairly well and their congregation helps them every time they can without questioning why. When it comes to Pagan Priestesses and  Priest, there is a certain belief that training should be given for free. I have nothing against those who feel they could provide trainings without charging a fee but I also think there is nothing wrong with charging a fee. A Priestess or a Priest is performing a sacred service to her or his community and should receive something in exchange. This is an energetic transaction. Besides this person has studied a great deal and practiced a path of devotion. It is a spiritual leader and paying a small fee to support her or his work should not be such a big deal.

I´ve had teachers who have done training for free and some who have charged a fee. In the end, it is a personal choice. I can´t say the free training was less meaningful than the paid training but one thing I could say is that I had no issues paying for training because I was supporting that person in her or his path of sustainable priestessing. 

When we look at corporations or other legal entities, there are no issues paying a salary for a person to lead them or to come up with the vision for them. There is also no issue paying people who have a profession so the question becomes why Priestessing is not a recognized profession. Who decided that the work of a Priestess/Priest should be done for free? Why do people feel it is ok not to contribute of their energy/mana?  I´ve been pondering on this a lot and there is no right answer but I do believe that a Priestess should be able to live by being a Priestess and not need to have a second job to be able to sustain herself. If you are a Priestess, do you charge for your services? How do you feel about your Priestessing? Can this be sustainable?

I look forward to your comments. 

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor