Monday, June 20, 2011

You can not go back this time....

There are times in life when we are faced with situations that make us think further than what the situation is about. They take us to places where we can see the situation as a reflection of something else going on, some internal pattern that is reflected in the exterior. It's just a manifestation of our within. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I went swimming and in the swimming pool, there was a diving board. Years have passed since the last time I jumped from a diving board and even though the board looked as if it was not that tall, I am usually afraid of heights so the visual between the board and the deep pool make it a little scary for me to jump. As I waited for my turn to jump, I kept thinking that I could do it, that it was not that hard. I kept repeating "just jump" in my mind. When it was my turn, I walked to the end of the board and I could not do it, I could not jump. Fear paralyzed me and I had to walk back. The kids that were waiting for me to jump were sort of disappointed because the older lady did not jump when they were having so much fun. After a while, I decided to give it another try and this kid was behind me trying to motivate me. It was funny to hear him saying "if he can do it, you can do it for sure" while he was pointing at a 5 year old child. He kept saying that it is scary but once you jump is so much fun. As I walk on the board, he was holding to the sides of the end preventing me from going back and he kept saying "you can not go back this time, you can not go back this time." As I jumped, I could feel all my fears dissolving and I enjoyed the dive.

It's funny how many times in life we are so afraid of change that we don't jump. We may prefer to remain in a less than perfect situation just to not rattle the cage. Status quo is better than having to face our fears and change our lifestyles. I had this situation happen to me a few weeks ago when I decided to move apartments because I couldn't take the place I lived in anymore. At the beginning, it was paralyzing to have to find a new place, pack everything, unpack everything... just the thought would put fear in my head but now, I am so much happier. Like jumping from the diving board, once I took the first step, the fear dissolved and I could enjoy the ride. How many times have you wanted to change something in your life but not done so because you were afraid? How many times did you take one step to then go back and hide because fear was controlling you?

There are times in life when we get to a point when we can not go back and the question is ... are you ready to jump?

Blessings )0(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nature Talks

It seems like Nature has been trying to communicate with me for the past couple of weeks. Goddess has found a way to let me know that She is around and looking after me. In the past few weeks, I've been coming across several animals and every time I see one, I can't help but think about the meaning and what message they bring to me. So I get back home and look at my "Animal Speak by Ted Andrews" book and see what each animal means.

Three weeks ago, as I was walking in the park with my best friend, I saw a coyote. At first, I could not define what it was but as I came nearer, the coyote and I looked into each other's eyes and I felt a little fear mixed with thrilled of seeing such an interesting animal. Ted Andrews says that the coyote's energy is one of balancing wisdom and folly to make for a fulfilling life. Have I become too serious? Am I forgetting to have some fun in a life filled with to-do lists and many activities going on at the same time? Like with everything in life, balance is very important and we can not be on one side or the other of the spectrum, we need to find a middle way.

Last week, another interesting animal crossed my path. I was driving my car and all of the sudden, a pelican flew by. I was surprised to see such a big bird in an area that I've never seen pelicans before. Yes! You guessed it! I came back and look at my book again and found that pelicans message is one of overcoming difficulties. "The pelican teaches that no matter how difficult life becomes, no matter how much you plunge - you can pop to the surface. The pelican holds the knowledge of how to rise above life's trials."This message was so appropriate since at times I've been feeling as if everything goes wrong and I am on a spiral down but somehow I find a way to rise above the problems and find some light.

The last animal I have come across in the past few weeks not once but twice is the hawk. This animal is connected with strong energy and intensified life force. The message is one of caution since like the hawk who is able to tear off the heads of any snakes in its way, the person seeing this animal is able to destroy anyone seen as enemy with his comments or actions. Have I been too direct? Too aggressive in the way I communicate? Sometimes I can definitely target things with words and that's the reason why I choose them very carefully because I am aware of the power they have.

Combining all these symbols, I get the message that I should not take life so serious, I need to balance fun and wisdom as well as being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and be extremely careful with my communications because if I am not, somebody can get hurt. Sometimes we go through life asking for signs, asking for clues of what to do. If we just open our eyes, we can find clues all around. They are there waiting for us to see them, waiting for us to realize that we always have the answers at hand. Nature talks to us... the question is are we listening?

Blessings )0(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Power of Three Eclipse Three...

There are times in life when we seem to take a wrong turn and then everything seems to go bad. We start feeling pushed, pulled, torn apart, and have no idea where to go next. It seems like all of the sudden the craziest things happened to us. Since January, I feel like I've been on a roller coaster with highs and lows and highs and lows again. No matter where I turned, something awkward seemed to happen. From a pregnant lady telling me I am upsetting her baby to an explosion outside my house that I am not sure what it was, ordering a prescription and having to pay extra to pick it up in the pharmacy because somehow it is more convenient for me to drive there, wait in line and get the prescription. Yes - if you wonder what I do for fun, I just go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, it is as expensive as going to the movies but much more fun!! Sometimes I get this feeling that the world is just upside down, I get those moments when I wonder... Am I that crazy that this thing that seems normal to others is crazy to me? When I get told to breath in a cup of ice to keep cold while the AC does not work I can help but wonder... really? Is that it? Because I lived in a third world country and I never had to breath in a cup filled with ice when it is hot so why this is ok in this country. If people are so concerned with others' people safety why don't send them home, don't tell them to breathe in a cup filled with ice to feel better or take off their shoes.

During the past few weeks, it seems that there is tension in the air as if everyone is on edge and we are all about to blow up. We are faced with situations that take us to the limits or we are so loaded that one more thing just pushes us to the extreme. With three eclipses in one month, June 2011 has become the month of transformation, endings and new beginnings, creating that necessary space to manifest those things our heart wants. Eclipses are usually times when we can cut with the past, let go of what does not serve us anymore and move on. If we have been avoiding decisions or tough conversations, these planetary movements usually push us to have those difficult conversations and sometimes, it is the most stupid thing that triggers the event. During these times, we find ourselves with little patience and really coming from a very defensive position. The first eclipse took place on June 1, the next one takes place tomorrow and the last one will take place at the end of the month. With the power of three times three, it is time to look within and see what is not working and decide to make a change happen. Life is about making things happen, not waiting for things to happen. What areas in your life are not working today? Where are you feeling the pressure? What feels that need to be removed from your life so you can be happier or more balanced? There is no better time than now to make a change. Life is change and growth. If we don't, we stagnate and die. Take advantage of this time to look straight at the root of the problems and transform them. You can only go for so long denying a situation or looking the other way. The time is now.

Blessings )0(