Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Power of Three Eclipse Three...

There are times in life when we seem to take a wrong turn and then everything seems to go bad. We start feeling pushed, pulled, torn apart, and have no idea where to go next. It seems like all of the sudden the craziest things happened to us. Since January, I feel like I've been on a roller coaster with highs and lows and highs and lows again. No matter where I turned, something awkward seemed to happen. From a pregnant lady telling me I am upsetting her baby to an explosion outside my house that I am not sure what it was, ordering a prescription and having to pay extra to pick it up in the pharmacy because somehow it is more convenient for me to drive there, wait in line and get the prescription. Yes - if you wonder what I do for fun, I just go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, it is as expensive as going to the movies but much more fun!! Sometimes I get this feeling that the world is just upside down, I get those moments when I wonder... Am I that crazy that this thing that seems normal to others is crazy to me? When I get told to breath in a cup of ice to keep cold while the AC does not work I can help but wonder... really? Is that it? Because I lived in a third world country and I never had to breath in a cup filled with ice when it is hot so why this is ok in this country. If people are so concerned with others' people safety why don't send them home, don't tell them to breathe in a cup filled with ice to feel better or take off their shoes.

During the past few weeks, it seems that there is tension in the air as if everyone is on edge and we are all about to blow up. We are faced with situations that take us to the limits or we are so loaded that one more thing just pushes us to the extreme. With three eclipses in one month, June 2011 has become the month of transformation, endings and new beginnings, creating that necessary space to manifest those things our heart wants. Eclipses are usually times when we can cut with the past, let go of what does not serve us anymore and move on. If we have been avoiding decisions or tough conversations, these planetary movements usually push us to have those difficult conversations and sometimes, it is the most stupid thing that triggers the event. During these times, we find ourselves with little patience and really coming from a very defensive position. The first eclipse took place on June 1, the next one takes place tomorrow and the last one will take place at the end of the month. With the power of three times three, it is time to look within and see what is not working and decide to make a change happen. Life is about making things happen, not waiting for things to happen. What areas in your life are not working today? Where are you feeling the pressure? What feels that need to be removed from your life so you can be happier or more balanced? There is no better time than now to make a change. Life is change and growth. If we don't, we stagnate and die. Take advantage of this time to look straight at the root of the problems and transform them. You can only go for so long denying a situation or looking the other way. The time is now.

Blessings )0(

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  1. Dear Sister,
    It is an awakening for all of us as priestess to step up and listen to the call.
    Thank you for the interesting commentary.
    Our Lyceum met at our reflection pond and did have a very similar discussion
    Blessings on your full moon dedication.
    Mana Youngbear
    The Lyceum of the Muse of Isis. Temple Of The Muse