Friday, March 16, 2018

Pisces New Moon - stop, breathe, go within!

Hi Everyone,

Do you feel like the weather these days - sunny, rainy, hailing - all in one day? How are the strong energies treating you these days? Some of you know that I have a puppy now so my life has turned upside down literally and I am still trying to adjust. Busyness has been predominant even when I am not teaching many classes at the moment. Some days, I feel like a hamster on the wheel going many miles an hour but getting nowhere.

One of the lessons of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces is to stop, breath and reflect. New Moons are about planting the seeds for the next cycle. When the Moon is in Pisces, it invites us to meditate, to find me time to go within and connect with our Spirit. It also invites us to align our life with the flow of life. Many times, we associate doing with our self worth instead of just being. Tomorrow, I invite you to spend some time just being. Also evaluate what your priorities are and choose to dedicate a time to connect with your Spirit daily so you are align with your purpose. We live in a world that equates being busy with being successful. Let´s decode that notion and code the notion of relaxation is also part of leading a successful life. Self care is essential in these days of high stress and high anxiety around us. Put yourself in your schedule and make sure you dedicate some "me" time daily when possible, but at least weekly.

We are also entering the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury will turn retro in Aries on March 24th. It will remain retrograde till April 14th. Retrograde periods are times to not take action but go back to the drawing table and figure out what our next steps are. Also see what our motivations are in the projects we have going or the ideas that are coming up. Aries is the initiator, the spark that gets us going. When Mercury is retro in this sign, it is inviting us to revisit our ideas so when we push forward, we will begin a project that deserves to be our priority. During the Mercury Retrograde period, we may feel that we lack motivation or anything that we begin is being blocked, we may feel stuck and have a sense that no matter what we start, it is not going nowhere. Remember, it´s a time to revisit, plan and strategize but not to execute. If you try to execute, you may find more roadblocks than blessings. Use the time wisely and get clear on what you want so in April, you will have the energy to manifest it.

Many blessings,