Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to provide feedback as a Priestess

Providing feedback presents challenges if we take that seriously, and do it out of compassion. First, we need to be mindful in how we use our words when providing our insights since what we think may not have any impact on somebody may trigger emotions. A few months ago, I was talking to a co-worker who told me that his boss asked him whether he was the cancer of the team. This figurative speech could be very dangerous if the person has somebody in his or her family who suffers from this illness, or if he ends up having cancer in the future. Is this other person casting a spell on this person? Words are power, and the more careful we are when we use them, the better it is.

Today, I had to provide feedback to a class member on her paper. When I started reading the paper I couldn't help but notice that she had not follow the instructions, and that her writing was not clear or easy to understand. I know the deadline is today and I was afraid if I provide my feedback, that she would take it personally or that she would be offended. It is hard to imagine how people will take other people's opinions on their writing. This fear was based on the fact that last week, I received some feedback from my boss on my writing, and the feedback was not very useful. It felt like she was just being picky and there was nothing constructive to take out of it. Just a lot of red writing on the paper... Not helpful at all. This time, when providing my feedback, I thought I would not do it the way my boss did it to me since it would not be helpful, or productive, but instead, I would do it from my Priestess perspective of love and compassion. I would use words that would guide this person in her journey through this class - Essentials of English Writing; and help her in her future studies.

I was happy to see that her reaction was very positive, and that she was thankful for my feedback. Today, I used my Priestess perspective to help somebody who is not connected to me in my spiritual work, but in my mundane world.


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