Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prolonging the Agony

When do you say bye? When do you put an end to a situation? How do you decide? Sometimes we hope the universe will make a choice for us because we are to afraid too make a decision. It scares us so much to know how much we can lose but we don't see how much we can gain. Every time a door closes, another one opens and we always need to make space for the new. Sometimes, we think that things will get better or we want to delay the end. Change is always feared. Who knows what will come? It is better bad known that the unknown, who knows what else can happen. Are we ready to settle for a mediocre life just because we are too afraid to make a move.

Today I was reading about the Tao and the following phrase came up ‎"Even if the time and the place are right, we can still miss our chance if we do not notice the moment, if we act inadequately, or if we hamper ourselves with doubts and second thoughts. When life presents an opportunity, we must be ready to seize it without hesitation or inhibition. Position is useless without awareness." (365 Tao). How many opportunities have you seen passed because of hesitation? Do you live from your mind or your heart? Sometimes, everything is ready for us, to have the happy life we deserve but because of other situations, we hesitate and our opportunities passed us by.

Are you delaying a decision and in doing so missing the opportunity to have the life you want to have? In what areas of your life are you prolonging the agony? Delaying the inevitable? Buying time and missing opportunities? Life presents opportunities to us and it is in us to choose what we want, to follow our heart, and to live fully. Last weekend, I almost died at the beach and looking back, I can say I have lived passionately and fully, I have followed my heart every time and not hesitated when the opportunities presented themselves so I would not regret anything. If you were to face the same situation, would you be able to say the same?

Don't delay the end, don't extend your agony, make a decision to live your life fully from the heart today.

Blessings )0(

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