Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Forgotten Trail

Yesterday I was hiking with a friend when we noticed the name of the trail we were walking on... The Forgotten Trail. When I saw this name I couldn´t help but think how appropriate as there are so many times in life when we walk the same trail but we have forgotten all about it. The terrain feels familiar, the situations resonate but we can´t seem to figure out where the feelings are coming from.

How many times have you been in a situation and felt like you are in a deja vu moment? You start experiencing the same feelings you felt before, the same reactions, the same emotions. This is a sign that the lesson may not have been learned or that you have forgotten that trail. Sometimes we learn the lessons but as time passes we forget and we need to be reminded that we do not want to be in that trail again as you know the destination and it´s not a place you want to be at.

During this year, I´ve been faced with many times where I was like... Wasn´t I here 12 years ago? Didn´t I experience this last year? Wasn´t I in the same situation 7 years ago? Some situations have a tendency to repeat themselves with different people and different places but sometimes they happen with the same person and then you wonder how many chances can I give this person to show me that this is who they are and that is not in alignment with who I am. One strike... two strikes... three strikes??? Actions speak more than words and when you are aware and awake you can see the connections and the repetitions, you can see the correlations and then decide if you want to continue playing that game or it´s time to do a check mate and move on. 

When we are faced with a situation repeating itself with the same person, you have to ask yourself whether you are trying to change that person or whether you can accept them like they are or whether they need to be out of your life. If you are trying to change them, you should just walk away as nobody changes for another person, just they do it for themselves and you will be waiting forever trying to get an apple out of an orange tree. If you can accept them as they are, just loved them and accept them and try to figure out why certain behaviors trigger you so you can work on them. Some people are in our lives to trigger transformation for us and their pushing our buttons is just another way the Universe sends us helpers to move us along our journey. You can also try to accept them as they are but realized that the behaviors are in total opposition of who you are and therefore the time has come to let that person go. 

As you walk in the journey of life, you will find new trails, you will rediscover other trails, and every now and then you may find the forgotten trail. When that happens, bless it and thank it for the lessons in the past but remember you don´t need to walk it once again.

Many blessings,

Carolina Amalia Amor

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