Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Spider

What would you say if I tell you I have a black widow living with me in my patio? Some friends said I am crazy and I should kill her while others say I should charge her rent! This lady spider appeared in my patio a few weeks ago and decided to take over the east corner.

First I saw the web because it was surrounding the water faucet for the patio so I cleaned it to get water for my plants... then one night when it was warm I was sitting in the patio and as it got dark I decided to turn on the light and there it was. Itsy bitsy Black Widow Spider hanging from her web! This is not my first encounter with a black widow but I did not feel like I could kill it since she was quietly sitting on her web and she was outside the house in the patio. In the past, my father told me that spiders were protectors and with their webs they protect us from harm. Thinking of him and the fact that Lady Black Widow had decided to cast her web in the east corner I felt some magic was around! 

Unfortunately, Itsy did not prevent the robbers from stealing my bike from the patio as it happened during daytime and she is nowhere to be found at that time but when the sun goes down and the dark sets in, she comes out and creates her magickal web in my patio. Webs symbolize connections and are also associated with The Fates who are always weaving our destinies - past, present and future. Having her in the corner of new beginnings made me think that it´s time to heal the past and focus on the now moment instead of stressing about the future. Being a Virgo, I am usually the one that has many plans for the future and at times I get lost in those plans forgetting to be flexible and adapt to changes.

Black Widows are well known for eating their mates as well as for being very shy spiders. I have to say I did not eat my ex-husband, he chose  to disappear on his own but I am a very shy person and as I face new beginnings in my life, I do it in a timid way and I am very cautious so I can see why I would have no other than a Black Widow in my patio. Spiders are strong and delicate at the same time and I can see at times I look very strong from the outside but when you look deep inside I am quite delicate and vulnerable even though that´s not the image I project to the outside world.

This spider is also teaching me the power of tenacity and the fact that no matter what happens, you can keep going and rebuild. As I mentioned before, she decided to build her web in the water faucet area so I had to clean her web many times as I use the water faucet and every time I cleared it, she comes back that night and starts rebuilding again. No judgement, no crying, no feeling the universe is against her. She just accepts what is and starts to build again. Looking back at the past 6 months since I came back from Argentina, I can see that several times I have felt like everything has collapse and I am living in a perpetual Tower of change but as Itsy is teaching me, I am also given the tool to rebuild my life the way I want it. Why cry for what could have been or was? Why worry about the future? It is what it is and all we can do is get ourselves to work in the now moment so we create a better now moment tomorrow. 

The Divine sends us teachers when we are ready. As a Druid, I see the connections and I pay attention to all dimensions - human, animal, insects, birds, fairies... and all the beings from the multi-universe. I am grafeful for this spider as she teaches me a lot about myself as well as shows me with actions that we are the weavers, we are the web. We are the future, we are the ones that can manifest our own destiny. It may not be with bold moves ,but with perseverance and tenacity, we can create the web of our dreams.

Many blessings,

Carolina Amalia Amor

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