Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As I say my final good byes, I look back at this journey of 6 days in Miami, Florida. What a journey!!! It did not take long for me to get lost. As soon as I got off the plane I had a hard time finding my way out of the airport... then finding my way to the rental car... then to my next location. Each movement in this land has come with some sort of lost feeling even when I had a GPS. I kept finding myself saying but this is not the right direction... finding the GPS was taking me to who knows where. The lesson was to be comfortable being lost... just surrender... go with the flow... you will eventually find your way and when you do, you will get to your destination. 

I also found myself spending a lot of the time in the beach these days. It feels like from all the attractions that Florida has to offer the one I have connected with the most is spending the day on the beach observing the ocean, getting into the water and singing Yemaya Asesu and enjoying the feeling of connection with the Water. I was created in the ocean when my father took my mother on one of his trips so no wonder my connection with the sea is very strong. My father was quite cute today when he told me ohhh you have converted in a "beach Lady" when I said I was getting ready to go down to the ocean. I told him... Yes!!! Just like when I was a child that we would spend the days on the beach in Mar del Plata... with the exception that the ocean here is blue and clear instead of brown and cold. 

I couldn´t believe the lady with the umbrellas memorized my name by day two! I would get to the beach and she would be Sra. Amor!!!!! I felt tempted to say Sra. Amor is my mother but I realized that now I am Sra. Amor even when I am divorced, I am a Sra. and I will not change the Amor name ever again... no matter whether I get married again or not.

The hotel life has been very nice. As I said good bye to all servers today I felt a mutual appreciation and I promised I´ll be back. Now I want to bring my father here to do some days of beach relaxation, good cuisine and total connection with the ocean. It´s been an amazing vacation and I can say I´ve seen the sawgrass mall and the dolphin mall and it´s ok! I did some shopping, I had a few drinks, I had lots of meat and I felt like home with the Spanish influence everywhere I went. I honestly think if I lived in Miami, my father would have moved in with me because the Spanish influence makes it easy to transition to this land.

I know I´ll be back... I enjoyed Miami... I enjoyed my vacation.... Miami ... I´ll see you next time!

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

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