Monday, September 14, 2015

Wheel of Fortune

Spinning! Spinning! Where will it stop? What direction will it show? The Wheel is turning and you don´t know where you will go but you do know that what was before is no longer so, and it´s time for the big leap. Trust your destiny! Trust your vibes! Jump! Say YES to destiny and follow your heart! These are the messages I received this year as I turned 37 which adds to 10 and shows a Wheel of the Fortune type of year for me. Yes! Combining Tarot and Numerology, you can find out what your Major Arcana for the year is and mine turns out to be my Personality Card - number 10 - The Wheel of The Year.

Sometimes the arrow turns down and sometimes it turns up... not every wheel of the year time is a happy and lucky time... there may be challenges and another version of this card is when you have a gun and you spin the wheel and  you trust... is that bullet yours? Trust is a big lesson during the period of the Wheel of Fortune.

2015 has been a transformational year so far and I know I haven´t seen it all yet! I have buried some of my dreams and made decisions that will shape my destiny. For years I debated whether I wanted to have children or not... this year, the clarity came and I realized that my books and my oracles will be my children. Motherhood is not only birthing a child but giving birth to a project or oracle. I have also realized that I should still have the two bags... las valijas itinerantes... because I have not reached my final destination and I am a Priestess on the move. I know I have limited time where I am and I intend to enjoy my time here living each day as it is the last day. The future holds multiple possibilities and I trust Goddess to show me the next steps but I have learned that the less attached you are to things and places, the better you are to move around and follow your heart. I have accumulated many things in the last 13 years, even after my divorce! It´s time to lighten the load and really prepare to have the two bags that will contain the essentials and you know it will have one bag full of books!!!! Thank Goddess there are storage facilities in the US so I can put my life in a storage facility if needed, ha ha ha! Yes, I am attached to some things!

2015 has brought me several teachers and messages! When you are in the flow, the things that are meant to be for you will come your way. I still remember when I saw the Hay House Summit in facebook and I signed up for it. Little did I know that I would be introduced to people that would changed my life completely! From becoming an Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue to taking several of Sonia Choquette´s trainings. I have also studied with John Holland and Colette Baron-Reid in the past 4 months. I feel my life has taken a leap into a new dimension where the separation between muggles and I is growing stronger... Yes! You heard it! Like Sara O´Hara said.. "You may not want to tell somebody that this crazy lady in Ireland told you to give them a kiss next time you see them because they will not understand the messages of the deceased". Reality is that I am fearless! Baba Yaga is with me and I don´t fear being different, I don´t fear seeing things. I don´t fear the other dimensions so I am open and I am listening.... 

Next month, I will be facing the Parliament of World Religions and I wonder if they are ready for what I will bring... once again... I may be the Uranus/Aquarius energy that breaks structures but I know I will just be me, a pioneer ready to show a different side of the coin.

As the Wheel turns and spins, I know it will continue showing me the direction to take. I will flow... I will be spontaneous, I will take a different round... trust my inner compass. It is time, I am ready. Are you? Where is your Wheel of Fortune leading you? 

Many blessings,

Carolina Amalia Amor

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