Monday, March 19, 2012

Life Just Happens.... No, no, nooooooo.....

Today as I was re-reading the materials for my Queen Training, I came across Rev. Ava Park´s words "Without Her Queen, Her Architect, a Woman´s Life Just Happen" and I couldn´t help but think "this is it". Yes! This simple phrase contains the essence of life and how we women at times lose our vision and let things happen to us. Well... not only women but I am a woman and I talk from that perspective. The Queen is the Law Maker for her realm. Her laws are the foundation for her Realm, for her Vision, for what she is trying to construct. In the past, I was not clear about what the laws for my life were. I may not have felt like I was worthy of dictating the laws for my realm but today, I am Queen and I will make sure my life is just a reflection of my vision and it is just not happening to me. I have the power to create my reality.

One of the laws for my realm is "My thoughts manifest my reality. I can change my reality by changing my thoughts." This Law is about the power to create, the power to vision, the power to be the builder of my realm. I will not use words like "They did this to me.... or she did not let me... or he was mean to me...." From now on, I am the writer of my herstory and as the writer I hold the pen to draw what I want and believe me, those things I don´t want will just fall down, be cut off, be eliminated. Yes, words have power and these words are strong but this is how strong I feel about being on the driver´s seat of my life and not allowing others to drive me around. If I wanted to be Ms. Daisey, I would be one but that´s not me, that´s not my Queen, that´s not who I really am. I am the driver, I am the decision maker, I am the manifester and I can create those things I want right here, right now. Clarity is essential and when life gets clouded, it´s time to go back to the center, to regroup, to consult with the Queen within and touch base with her laws, with her vision, with her power.

Are you in the driver seat or is somebody driving your life for you? Is life just happening to you? Do you want to wake up one day and feel that life has passed you by and you had not impact in what has happened? Reclaim your power today, crown yourself as the Queen of your realm and vision your life the way you want it to be. You have the power. You are Queen!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina )0)

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