Sunday, July 14, 2013


Paddle... paddle.... left .... right.... don´t fall!!!!! I tried paddle board for the first time in my life yesterday and being on that board and paddling was an experience! On Friday, one of my best friends had told me that I should lay on my boat and trust... go with the flow... the boat of Isis would take me to safe destinations and I just had to trust... no matter the storm and the shake... TRUST!

Being on the board was a test for my trust! In my mind, I was like.... evaluate the worst possible situation.... falling in the lake... drowning... dying.... well I know how to swim so I can´t drawn unless my body goes into shock because of how cold the water is.... As you can imagine, I have not died as I am writing this blog now.

When I was in the water I was able to connect with this element, the Queen´s element, water and flow. I was able to jump in the water and feel the fear of falling, I was also able to stand in the board and fall and get back in the board and that gave me the trust I needed for my life. Sometimes you have to push through your fear, you have to push through all those voices that say you can´t have it, you can´t do it your way, you can´t manifest your destiny.

Feeling the flow of the lake was peaceful... it´s easier than the flow of the ocean but it is still a flow and you can connect with it and feel her power. Can you go against what´s meant to be yours? Can you go against your destiny? You CAN! The real question is DO YOU REALLY WANT TO?

You know it is yours, your destiny is yours to have and you can try ignore it, you can try look the other way but in reality, deep down in yourself you know it is yours and you can either chicken out and run away, pretend everything is ok when it is not and prentend... PRETEND... PRETEND....

I say.. JUMP! When I jumped into the lake, not falling from lack of equilibrium, but jump because I wanted to feel the thrill of the jump... the freezing cold... the adrenaline... the push!!!!! I felt alive!!!! I know the storms may be coming my way but I know I can handle the weather as long as I am true to myself... If I am authentic, I can handle everything. Paddle, paddle, paddle.... you will get to your destination. Trust! If you are true to yourself, the destination is yours to have and there is nothing wrong that can happen even when you don´t have a lifejacket!

Many blessings!

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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