Monday, October 21, 2013

Trust! Press the reset button!

Press it now!!!! Press what?!?! The reset button that will bring the catalytic change that will bring your life back to harmony with the Divine plan. There are times in life when you feel everything is collapsing, the life as you know it is transforming in front of your eyes. The people you thought were close friends bring you down, the boss tells you that you are not good enough, the red tape does not go through, you have change in your life, you have to deal with the unknown as you don´t know what will happen tomorrow and all you can do is hold on tight and wait for the hurricane to stop blowing and pray you will come out ok to the other side of the storm and see the rainbow.

Have you ever had that moment in life when you hope you can fall asleep and wake up when everything is done because the transition time is just too hard? I´ve been going through some big transitions in my life lately and I know that in the past, I would have used different techniques to numb the pain and the fear I felt. I would get extremely busy or I would start a new diet... yeah... it´s much easier to think about calories in and out instead of realizing that the dreams you had will not come true, the visions you created when you were young and that motivated you to leave your family and friends behind did not come to be. It´s hard to sit with the broken dreams and feel the grief that broken promises bring.

Change is like a domino effect, when one piece falls, many fall at the same time. The Divine has a way of helping us rise our vibrations by bringing several challenges at the same time but She never pushes us to the limit we can not face. The thing becomes whether you accept the challenge or you deny it and look at the other side. If you look the other side, you may find the same lesson repeated again and again until you take the challenge. As I always say, different people, different places, same core lesson. If you accept the challenge, you may have an earthquake and everything may shake but you will come stronger the other side.

I have run way too many times, it is time. It is time to face the fears and really peeled the layers of lessons down to the core so I can then move on. There are patterns that are showing themselves once again but the one that is very predominant is the over-giving mother. I am beginning to question how much I give and how much I receive. How´s the flow? Is it my expectations that make me feel left with not much? Are people taking me for granted? The other day I was telling a friend that she had to teach people how she wanted them to treat her, the level of respect and appreciation, and I couldn´t help but think whether I do the same. Am I teaching people it is ok not to respect me? Is it ok not to appreciate me?  What are my standards in relationships? I have a tendency to give a lot but I also need to learn it is ok not to give. It´s time to set up some boundaries and make some new rules. I know some people may go away or rebel but I also know that many things are changing and I am not the same person I was before so it´s time for the next move in the chess board of life and if that means check mate to some things, people or events, so it be.

When I got the Death card yesterday, I finally understood that it was time to let go. It´s time to accept that the time has come for some patterns to die out. The only certain thing in life is change. We are always changing and evolving and if we are not, we are dead. Rebirth is not that bad and like the butterfly we spread our wings and fly away in a beautiful new way. Today, I was shown that even when we have irrational fears, things can be ok. We moved offices and the whole thing was such a pain but when I saw the place today, I was like... mmmm .... new is ok, new is nice actually. The breezes of new air, of new energies, of new location brought a sense of safety because everything was ok. The bigger message was that no matter how bad you may think it is, it is all going to be ok. Trust the unknown because it´s the void of opportunities and in that void is where creation happens.

Storms come and go but there is always a rainbow.

Trust! Press the reset button!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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