Monday, October 14, 2013

Trust - The Universe will provide....

When you are open to the Universe and willing to take a risk, good things happen. This weekend I got to experience that first hand. I was planning to go to the Isis Convocation at Isis Oasis when I found out that I had been assigned to the general dormitory. Every time I had attended this event, I had been with my father and we would get a room together. This time, I was on my own and I was not feeling too eager about sleeping with 50 people I did not know. I tried to see if there was a room available but everything was taken and that was the only option. As you may know, I am a planner so I thought about Plan B.

My Plan B involved sleeping in my car. I brought my sleeping bag, some blankets, my pillow and even my teddy pet owl, Kukoo. I was determined to make my own nest in my car and sleep in the peace of my own company as I was 100% sure, I did not want to sleep in the common dorm. When I arrived at Isis Oasis, I once again asked if there was anything available for a room and I was told no so I said, "I think I will sleep in my car", I was met with faces of surprised and shock because I would be better sleeping in the dorm. In my mind, I prefer to sleep alone than sleep in a bed with many people I don´t know.  As the evening progressed, I met my teacher and two of her students, my Priestess sisters! We had dinner together and when I said, I am going to sleep in my car, they said "No way". I was invited to the house they were staying to spend the night. Yes! The universe said "TRUST" because it is going to be ok.  During dinner I was also invited to be a Priestess in a ritual that Isadora Forest was leading the following day. This was very exciting, not only because I was doing a ritual with Isadora, the author of one of my favorite books - Isis Magic - but I was also doing a ritual with my teacher and my two Priestess sisters! It was so exciting!!!! We spent part of the night at the house talking about the ritual and rehearsing this impromptu ritual priestessing but once you are a Priestess, you are always a Priestess no matter where you are or what tools you have with you.

Yes, tools! I had no crown... no cord... no sistrum... I was definitely not prepared for leading ritual but what do I always say to my students? It´s not the tools that make the witch but the witch that hold the power! So I dressed as ceremoniously as I could, used a piece of cloth in my head to symbolize the crown and I believed it was ok just to be me... no outfit... no tools... but I could use my power to hold this container with my sisters. It was just an amazing experience all together. I love the ritual "The Mysteries of the Beloved and the Two Sisters" and at the end, I got the validation that the ritual had been great. Therefore,  I felt that at times we feel we have to have a plan, all the tools, and everything set up and things go extremely wrong but when we let those spontaneous things to happen, we take risks and we jump, we meet the greatness of the now moment.

One thing I learned during this weekend was that you got to trust, sometimes you have to be like the fool in the tarot and just jump. I had million excuses not to go to the convocation last weekend but I decided to trust and even if I slept in my car, it was ok. Getting there was the one step it told the universe I was open and I was ready. It´s time to just flow and even if I am scared I have to jump. Even if I can find million excuses to not do something, it´s time to push through fear and do what I want to do and take care of myself, not anyone else, just myself. It may sound selfish but in the end we are all one and what I change in me, I change in the people around me, in my city, in my state, in my country, in the world. It´s time to push against the Virgo fear and be more like a Piscis and flow, let the tide take me to the proper destination..... Everything will be ok. Everything shall be ok.


Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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