Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Heart is my Radar

As I look at the sunset today, I begin to feel the energies of the year to come. With each birthday, our wheel of life turns and we begin a new experience with a new rising sign, new moon, and new locations for our planets. The way it connects with our natal chart also gives us some clues of what the lesson of the year is to be.

This year, I have Pisces rising and for a Virgo, that´s quite the challenge! Let me tell you about it :-) Pisces has many positive traits such as being very compassionate, showing unconditional love, selfless, intuitive, imaginative and a dreamer. If you know the symbol for Pisces, you know it is two fishes, there is the positive fish and the challenging fish. The challenging fish for Pisces is an escapist, pessimistic, over-sensitive, lazy and weak-willed. The question becomes "what fish will I choose to swim with this year?" So far, I´ve been a little over-sensitive and dramatic as well as pessimistic and filled with fears of the future.

My Moon is originally in Taurus what makes me very resilient and perseverant. I may give people a tons of opportunities to prove me wrong. I tend to be like a bull trying to bring the wall down and at times a little stubborn and I don´t give up easily on anything unless I feel the situation, relationship or thing is complete. Then I can move on easily and close the door and never open it again (thanks to my Uranus in Scorpio). This year, my moon is in Aries. Oh Mighty God of War! Aries brings a spark and the call for action, the call for fire, the call to initiate and to be fearless. It also bring explosive reactions and fast thinking and combined with my Pisces rising can create an over-sensitive bomb! Awareness is a bliss. Not that we will be able to prevent the reactions but we will be aware and work on damage control more easily.

Planetary alignments usually help us understand the energies that are around us and that at times are more noticeable than others. They give us the push to keep growing in our journey of life and evolving as human beings. This year presents a unique opportunity for me as I am finding my rising to be the opposite of my Sun sign and I have so many other planets in Virgo that Virgo is a strong trait of my personality. Pisces, as the opposite, shows me that at times I have to surrender, I have to go to the flow and I have to follow my heart and my intuition and not second doubt my intuition because if I do, I would be doomed. There may be no plan B, C, D and E this year, there just may be me in the now moment. Sometimes we need to forget about the illusion of control and just surrender to the power of the Now Moment that creates the future vision. As I stood on my favorite beach on the day after my birthday, I realized that during this year, I will need a radar. There will be strong fogs that will prevent me to see reality because my emotions may cloud my vision but in those times, I will resort to my radar. I will let go of the intellect and just let myself be guide by my heart. My heart knows what´s right for me and has no judgement, it has the perfect vision for my life.

Trust is also necessary this year. Trust that I will be ok, trust that no matter how horrible the storm is, there is a rainbow after that storm and the sun will always come out and shine one more time. I have to remain honest with myself and shed those areas that don´t follow my heart´s calling because at this point, I am facing a big reset and life has just began. The past is gone, the future is not here, just the present moment is my reality and my heart is my radar.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amalia Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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