Saturday, September 14, 2013

One adventure at a time....

It was the by-pass!!!!! That´s what we kept saying with my Priestess Sister as we were driving to Malibu last week. As soon as we hit that weird by-pass in I-5 everything changed. Yes, you read right.... weird by-pass. We were going on I-5 and all of the sudden we see orange cones and we have to go left (the feminine side, the Goddess side) and then we find ourselves within two lines of traffic.... one going to one side, the other one to the other and we were in the in-between. After leaving the by-pass, we had to take a road we had never taken before and started passing acres and acres of land but no sign of civilization. The temperature kept raising as we hit 105 and we were both super warm. We decided to stop in a store to get some sun block for me as I was driving and I was scared I was going to get sun burned. This town´s energetics were very strange. It felt like we were in a different dimension.

After we left the store, we headed towards Malibu. As we were reaching destination, we realized that there were some military buildings in the area what made me feel strange for some reason. It only took us to see the ocean to feel like home. The air was warm and the ocean smell different from the ocean in our area. We could see lots of places where you could camp on the beach and I so wanted to do that!! As we kept going, I noticed that we passed the location my GPS said the camp should be. There was nothing like a camp in that area, only one restaurant (a crab shack like my Priestess Sister called it). As we passed it, we drove for a few miles trying to find a gas station and when we did, we stopped and put gas then turned around to find the mysterious camp that we did not see the first time. This second time, I saw the sign as we passed it... here we were again trying to find a place to turn around but there were none so I did a daring maneuver and turned around like the dukes of hazard, lol.... That covered for the crazy driving for that trip.

When we arrived at the camp, the placed looked more like a hotel than the camp. That was when I realized I have packed everything wrong! I did not bring linens but I brought my sleeping bag... we were camping... well that´s what I thought. The weather was so warm and I brought more warm clothes than shorts. Everything seems to not fit the description I had in my head for what we were doing. I was basing my experience on previous experiences and it was not matching.

That´s when I realized that I had to let all my expectations go out of the window and try to make the best out of this new adventure. One day we decided to go to the beach as it felt so warm we were thinking about swimming in the ocean. We had this idea that the ocean would be warm as we were down south but that was not correct. This ocean was as cold as the one at home. The only difference was that it was warm outside on the beach. I told my Priestess Sister that we should get in and she was tentative but in the end she got in the water with me. It felt so good to jump the waves and feel the energy of the water. The waves would push us and there was a moment when I went all in. I hadn´t been in the ocean that way since the time I was in Cancun several years ago. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. I felt recharged!!! 

Sometimes, we embark in adventures with a set of expectations that do not come true. The trick is to just let go of those expectations and go with the flow. If you are too attached to the expectations, you will not enjoy the adventure. They say you only need to know what to do in the now moment, not based it on the past or focus on the future. This adventure had its ups and downs but overall, it was fun and I was glad that I did not let the little downs take over the overall experience.

I know there will be more adventures to come... just one adventure at a time....

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja 

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