Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 - An Opportunity to Rebuild

2012 did not bring the End of The World as predicted but 2013 did bring a massive amount of transformation that has felt like a Tsunami hitting the shore and taking everything I know with it. I never experience a Tsunami in this lifetime but I´ve heard that in those moments, before the big wave hits, you can see the bottom of the ocean. Let me tell you that I have seen the bottom of the ocean this year in many areas of my life. 2013 has felt like the year of total demolition picturing the Tower card in the Tarot, lightening has struck and brought down many structures I thought were solid. 2013 has also made me question my issues around trust, around my intuition, about my magickal power of manifestation and many other things. It has presented an opportunity to bring everything down so I can have space to rebuild my life the way I want it in 2014. It´s true that we can build around an existing structure but there are certain times in life when we just have to demolish and make space for the new. Start again with a white canvas that allows us to create what our dreams and visions are in the present moment.

2013 brought changes in many spheres in my life that made me wonder whether I could weather the storm and how much it would take to blow me away because I firmly believe that we have the power to choose our reactions in life and how we respond to events in our life shapes the experience. It all started with the company I work for being sold and having to move offices... this made me start thinking how committed I am to this place and whether I would be better off in another place. What do I like? Is this job the right fit for me? If money was of no concern, would I be in this job? There has always been the underlying current in the past four years that I am not good enough to reach the next level, there is always something missing and I am never getting there. When I look at my spiritual practice, I know that if things are not going the way I am envisioning is because Goddess has a better plan for me and is trying to show me with different situations that I need a change. The problem is that my Moon in Taurus makes me so stubborn and I will bring the wall down if necessary but I do reach times when I see reality and I move on. It may take days, weeks, months, even years, but I do get to that point of no return and I move forward.

This same principle applies to other areas in my life as well. The other day, a friend of mine told me that some relationships have an expiration date. When I heard that I was like... I know what you are talking about. 2013 was the year where my marriage expired. Some people say divorce is equal to experiencing the death of a loved one and I would agree with that since the entity that was created by two ceases to exist. This process brings lots of emotions, grief and pain for all those dreams that brought the two people together but never came true, the expectations each partner had that may or may not have come true, and the realization that it did not work out. 

Death has also been a part of 2013 as I said goodbye to my granny and my spiritual mother. October and November are bringing the final push so I can burst out of my cocoon and I spread my wings of freedom and transformation. I still remember my grandmother looking at my Buckland´s Book of Witchcraft and saying to my ex-boyfriend "She is into that......" and you could see the rolling eyes but I know deep in her heart, she knew that path was my path and I was meant to be a Priestess of the Goddess. 

I also recall Lady Olivia Robertson when she initiated me as an ArchDruidess and looked into my eyes and said "Now you go make it your own, this is for you to transform into your own" and I have. Every day as I light my candle and say her name and ring my bell, I feel she is still there, very present, telling me it´s my game. It´s my time to make it my own and create my community the way I envision for the good of all.

As I look back, I see 2013 had a domino effect in my life. When one piece fell then many others fell with it. I could look at it and become a victim but I am choosing to see the blessing in disguise in all that has happened so far. As I read Power Spellcraft for Life by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, she states that spells are used as an active way to shape our reality and they are used for positive change. 

After touching bottom in 2013, I am still sitting in the driver seat of my life, my GPS are my emotions and intuition, and I am ready to transform my life making 2014 an Opportunity to Rebuild. What is your 2014 looking like? Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What do you need to change? We create our future in the now moment. We are only one month away from 2014. What do you want? What does 2014 stand for for you?

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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