Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Are we negotiating? ALWAYS!

What are you negotiating? Are you settling for less than your fair share in this abundant universe? Do you cut your dreams short because you don´t believe they can come true? Let me tell you... Dreams do come true but you need to be ready to believe and have a crystal clarity of what you want to achieve because the Universe is listening to you and it´s making your choice come true. Reality is that YOU are always choosing, whether you are choosing or not. Your lack of choice is a choice after all. You can sit in the bog as long as you want but you are choosing to do so and you will have to deal with the consequences. You are not going to be able to go blame anyone for your lack of action because it is YOU who is choosing to sit in misery instead of making a different choice.

The other day, I was trying to get clarity on what I wanted to achieve for 2014.... I started listing the things I wanted in my perfect job and I realized.... mmmmmmm.... this is what I have now. You can picture my shocked face. Then I started delving a little deeper and I said... this is what I would want in my mental structure. No wonder why I am still in this job after 8 years.... yes I am choosing even when it does not make me 100% happy because this is what I believe I deserve. Do I deserve to be a full time Priestess? Yes.... come on! Reality or the mental structure is just limiting what you can have and what you can´t have. Do you get what I am saying? How many times have you found yourself not believing in your own dream and thinking it was too far fetch to come real? Then you see somebody that seems to be lucky because she or he has all you want to have and you wonder... why do you get my dream and I don´t? Once again, reality is telling you that you chose not to believe in your dreams or feel that they were too far fetched to become real.

I was with one of my friends last Friday and she told me she thought she was not artistic because when she was young she would get out of the box and paint purple hair on people. She said the teacher said people don´t have purple hair and I said that´s not true... You know our mutual friend... she has purple hair so that´s not reality, people CAN have purple hair. How many times have you been told of a structure that is not based on reality but it is placed there to limit you?

I usually consider myself a very flexible person but I have come to realize I am quite rigid at times. Once I make an opinion on something is hard for me to compromise and that could work to my detriment because I do have several societal myths  that I follow. You may wonder what are those? Societal myths are those myths that are carried by your society and you follow them such as:

- Marriage is forever
- You need to work hard to make money
- Relationships involve sacrifice
- Life is hard
- Money does not grow on trees
- No pain, No gain
- Life is not easy
- Dreams don´t come true

And I could keep adding to the list but I will keep it short as you understand what I am talking about. What are those things you believe they are real but they are not? Like my friend with the purple hair.... She is very much real and even when she does not fit the standard or normal hair color, she is real!!!!

When you think about this, what does come to you? What are those things you don´t think that come real but if you believe they can come reality, they will? Where are you cutting yourself short out of misguided beliefs that are not based on reality because YOU know they can come true? We are always negotiating and you are deciding what the deal is about! Choose your best choice! Avoid not choosing because in that you are choosing! The Universe is listening to you and wants to make your dream come true, be clear and determined, believe and wait for the results.

When the Universe asks you, "Are you negotiating?" Just respond ALWAYS!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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