Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lighting Strikes

The Tower. If you have ever seen a Tarot deck, you may be familiar with the Tower card. This card symbolizes a 9/11 in life. People jumping off the building, lighting striking and bringing everything down with a powerful hit. Nobody wants to get the Tower in a reading but when you do, you have two choices... embrace it or deny it. I chose to embrace it!

As I mentioned before in my blogs, I knew there was a before and after Buenos Aires 2013 and I was not wrong! When I landed in the USA, my reality was different from what I have left behind two weeks before. My name and status have changed and I was ready to be free. I have also found some blessings in disguise because the Universe opens many doors once you are ready and I know I signed up for all this demolition because it is time to rebuild but before I can rebuild my life, everything has to fall in pieces, burn in ashes and then with crystal clear clarity, I can vision my own reality.

Every step I take towards my vision just brings more strength, more power, more wholeness. I know the Carolina that came back from that trip is not the Carolina that left. I know I was tired, I was burned, I was polluted. Being away from everything helped me see reality as it is and regain the strength to manifest my reality. I am the magician! I am the wheel of fortune!!! I am spinning and I am creating... I am visualizing and I am letting go of everything that is not meant to be there.... This is it! This is the turning point and I am so happy because I feel no fear. I am like the fool! Ready to jump and measure no consequences because I trust. I trust the Universe knows and the Divine has Her plan. 

I´ve been scared for too long and I have wasted too much time. Now I am ready to burst out of the cocoon and face reality. Face my own reality. Deep inside I know I can make my dreams come true! I have signed up for this massive change.... the universe is shooting surprises and all I say is..."I am safe, I am ok, I will manifest my own reality. You can´t shake this lighthouse, no matter how big the wave is... I will stand strong, I will stand tall, and I will be the one standing after all."

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amalia Amor
Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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