Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tsunami - Ready for the big wave?

Pressure building! The tectonic plates of our foundations are shaking! Are you ready to ride the big wave of this year? What things have you been holding to in your life even though you know they don´t serve a purpose anymore? Are you attached to things that are not good for you for fear of the unknown? What are you trying to resuscitate even though you know it is a DNR type of relationship or situation?

As the Moon drives the tides, we are being driven by the energies that are transiting the skies at this time. Mars is calling us to re-evaluate how we face assertiveness and how we engage in our battles. It´s also calling for diplomacy as it is transiting Libra but is being politically correct the right choice at this time? Sometimes you have to be cruel to show you love deeply.   

Saturn is stationed retrograde in Scorpio since March 2 asking us to really look deep into the core structures in our lives. Scorpio is associated with death, taxes and the underworld. Saturn is connected to our structures and how we build our foundations. Sometimes you have to demolish in order to be able to build again. It´s time to look at the skeletons in the closet, bury them and let them go because they don´t serve you anymore so when we rebuild our foundations, we do it on firm and solid ground.

Uranus is transiting Aries at this time fueling Mars in Libra because fire and air only build a bigger fire. Uranus is the planet of fast resolution. It is associated with the Tower card in the Tarot and the energy that this planet has is very electric. When we experience its energy, we usually end up in a state of shock because things have moved very quickly and changed almost over night. Uranus is the pioneer and the one that helps us think outside the box. While transiting Aries, Uranus asks us to take the lead in thinking differently. How can we look at different situations and find a better way? Can we take a different approach? 

Pluto is transiting Capricorn at this time and it´s connecting with Saturn and helping us let go of some of those structures that we have built in the past but are no longer needed. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn so it brings a stronger connection as Saturn is transiting Pluto´s sign and viceversa. Another connection here is that Pluto will turn retrograde on April 14 just before a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15 putting emphasis in the current theme of change and transformation, of letting go and moving on to the next phase in our lives. Pluto is associated with the Death card in the Tarot and it usually brings change in a slower pace than Uranus. Change is change no matter how but when Pluto is involved, there is more pain and grief than a state of shock. 

These four planets are dancing in the skies forming a grand cross during this month. This planetary aspect is pressing us to make decisions, to evaluate, to think differently, and to demolish old structures so newer ones can take place. We can not continue functioning the way we used to in the past. Many of our foundations are shaking these days and we are being pushed to break some of them in order to transcend to the next level. After the earthquake comes the tsunami. April is the month of the big wave that will wash away anything and everything that is not rooted on solid ground. Use this month to look within, to ask yourself the hard questions, and step forward without looking back. 

Are you ready for the big wave? You can choose to ignore it, swim against it or just ride it so it can take you to your destination - a new you! Don´t fear! Just trust! There is a rainbow on the other side.

Many blessings,

Carolina Amalia Amor

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