Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Poison Moon

No matter how strong you are, there are times you find yourself weak and vulnerable. In that vulnerability you find your new strength because as my mother used to say, Goddess does not put anything in your path that you are not able to handle. The lessons are there for you to learn and move to the next level if you choose to do so. You can deny the lesson or ignore it but it would come up again and again until you decide it´s time to face it. As Theseus entering the labyrinth, only the brave are open to sit in the darkness of the soul and battle their demons.

Tonight, I found myself in deep darkness grieving the lost relationships, the lost opportunities, the dreams that did not come to be and the illusions that blinded me until I saw reality as it is and my tower came crashing to the ground. As lies and relationships based on shaky ground collapse, I can´t help but feel unsettled. So much loss, so much  pain, so much grieve. At times I wonder if I can get out of the center of the labyrinth that I´ve been experiencing for the past year. 

I know I am strong and I know my demons are too but they are my creations and I have power over them. I can be like Theseus and slay the Minotaurus of my soul so I can regain the power enclosed in those fears and illusions that have kept me from moving forward and living my life as it is meant to be. 

Talking to a friend, she told me "If you are strong to go through divorce, you can go through anything" and I thought, she may be right and I don´t realize how strong I am when I sink in the darkness of my soul. I don´t see the previous experiences that support me going through another round of punches and collapse until I see Sun again.

Another friend told me ... "I would try and make you feel better but this full moon is a poison moon and it is meant to be a detox moon. You need to go through this pain and let it all out, get it out of the system and make space for the new." 

Both of my friends were right, I know I can go through this one more time and I can slay this Minotaurus. I can detox during this poison moon and come out stronger than before because the future is bright and the choices of today make my tomorrow. Today, I sit in darkness and let it go, purge it through my system as I move forward so this eclipse can help me cut those things that don´t serve anymore.

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

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