Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What tune are you playing in the song of your life?

Today, as I sat on my transition desk at work, I listened to Soul Shifts by Dr. Barbara De Angelis. Transitions... I recall sitting with my cousins in December 2015 and calling this year, the year of transitions. Yes! I called it and it happened. Not only did I move apartments but I am also moving desks at work. It seems my new desk will be located on the 11th floor and we are just building this floor now so for the time being, I have to sit on a desk that seems to be like an island on the crossroads of three corridors - very Hekate like and I am known at work as the lady of the keys because I am the records management person so I have keys for all file cabinets. 

Crossroads... that´s another word that 2016 seems to be associated with as I am at a time in my life where I am facing the paths ahead and it is hard to decide. Do I choose safety and security? Do I choose happiness and purpose and trust the Universe has my back? It´s hard to work as a psychic and face these dilemas because I do not want my vibrations to be dissonant with the tunes of my life. I am not a do as a say but not as I do type of person. I walk my talk and I live my message. That situation at times has created some issues for me as I am really hard on myself and therefore have very high standards for others. One time, my best friend told me you have out of this world standards... nobody can be at your level. Looking back, I think I have relaxed a little and accepted that I will never be perfect, I am who I am and all I can do is be my authentic self even with my not so high but high standards. 

Going back to Soul Shifts, as I listened to this book today, the author was mentioning how at times people may be intending to live a comedy but the music in the background is the music of a horror film. She also mentioned that at times we may be living a drama but the music is that of a documentary. When we experience this type of dissonance, we can feel how our life is out of synch because we are vibrating at a different level from the one we are intending to live or our ego is running the show and keeping us locked with fears and mandates. What tune defines your life? What are your intentions? Do you live in harmony with the tunes of your spirit?

As I meditated on this, I couldn´t help but think how many times we limit ourselves by setting boundaries based on fear. Can you believe you deserve it all? Do you intend to be wealthy but when you look at something you want to buy you say you can´t afford it? How are you harmonizing the tunes of your life with the reality of your life? Our words have power and if we tell want something, we better sign the tune to get it. We will not achieve our goal if we don´t believe we can achieve it. First, we have to be able to believe it is possible and then we have to intend with every action and thought to get it. If your tunes are off, your life will be off. This is the time to sit down and meditate what you want and know you can get it. As I pull a card from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, I get  the card "Dream a Beautiful Dream" and this card is perfect for this topic as I wonder are we able to dream a beautiful dream with all our heart and soul or do you prefer to live in the nightmare of fear and limitations that our Ego makes us believe it is so? The choice is yours. Sign your own tunes and dance the music of your own spirit.

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

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  1. Thanks for sharing Carolina. I may not always respond.. but I do enjoy your blogs and I support you and your work fully!