Saturday, March 12, 2016

Play... what is that? Yes... Play!

Play.... play..... Are you really asking a Virgo with a strong Saturn and a lot of earth in her sign to get out of her structure and play? Yes... play!!!! The first part of today´s training with Sonia Choquette was all about playing and getting out of our heads. Your queenly lady started rough but finished strong after being able to let go of that voice in the head that say.. what are you doing? This is nonsense, you are making a fool of yourself... and the list kept going and going. My poor EGO was screaming and kicking and crying and saying run run for your life!!! But I sticked with it and then I let my spirit led the way and enjoy the silly games that made us all laugh.. I relaxed and I was able to enjoy myself with no judgement or feeling like there was right or wrong, just be part of the game for fun´s sake.

During lunch, I couldn´t help but feel that the reason why we live in a zombie land where spirits have vacated the bodies is because nobody takes time to play. We are all too busy to play and when we are not busy, we choose activities that are just brain numbing such as watching television or just getting sucked into social media or activities that just drain our energy and do not help us connect with our spirit. How would the world look like if more of the people would take time to play and to connect with their spirit? Do you know your spirit? Do you know what it likes? Can you devote some time daily to create a ritual that helps you have fun and connect with your inner child?

For years, I have had daily rituals of prayer, of oracles, of devotion but I have definitely not had a daily practice based on play and fun activities. I have always felt that fun was not important and that it was a waste of time. Today, I realized that if I want to continue connecting with my spirit, I need to start devoting some time to have fun daily, to get out of my structure and let the free maiden to play while the Queen takes the sit and relaxes to let her have the time of her life singing, painting, dancing and having fun. It´s time to let the hair down, put up a song and dance my heart off. Sign at the top of my lungs and care about nothing but having fun and being me. 

What is your fun activity? What do you do for fun? What makes your spirit sign and come to life? Yes... Play..... Play..... Play..... 

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

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