Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Change is in the Air

Divine timing versus my timing.... Divine timing wins. Sometimes we plan our lives with a rigid schedule to find ourselves struggling with the Universe sending us some shifters so we are able to change the direction to where we are supposed to be going.

Last Friday, I arrived home and I had the hit that it was time to move. Where did my dream of a doggie go? Yes, I let it go with staying in the apartment I shared with my ex-husband. At that time, I loved the home more than my dream of freedom, of singlehood and my Diana Maiden Queen self with my doggie companion.

I know there has been some healing with this home as I met the previous owner who was a child of divorce whose dad had a new partner but it did not work out for them so this is a home of divorce, of broken homes, of disrupt and I´ve been fighting so much with the energies of the space - cleansing and cleaning as I go but the time has come to realize the truth... This is not my story and I need to shift as this is not my home anymore.

With this realization, I arrived last Friday and I went to the Google Goddess who showed me the way to my new home. It only took a few minutes to add pet friendly and the apartment pool went down to 7 places from which one was the one I looked at every time I went on a bike ride and I even considered when I was thinking of moving out after divorce. So.... I send a request to see the property and I got an amazing email from the property manager on a Friday at 5:50 pm (yep 10 min before closing). So.... I picked up the phone as something said "call" and I got her so we joked that if she sent such a great email, that email deserved a phone call... and believe me when I say I don´t like calling people but I did with her. Appointment was set for Saturday and the apartment was amazing! I applied and got confirmed ... I know many of you are thinking it is Mercury Retrograde but when the time is right, you become aware and the retrograde is there just to caution you but not stop you.

It was very funny when I was applying to my new apartment, the property manager told me... this apartment was rented to other single women before.... So I said... It´s a single lady apartment! Two years is enough and if my ex could move in three weeks, so can I! and the days are counted in the town house of separation and going into the home of maidenhood. I am already a Queen so .... Hail the Maiden Queen!!!! Change is in the Air and I welcome it with open arms. All is well!

Love and Light,

Carolina A. Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja


  1. Wow! We were just talking about your apartment on Wednesday! We must have been receiving a hint even then. So excited for you! If you need any help with the move, we have 3 men and me to lend a hand. :) Abrazos! Annette