Sunday, January 3, 2016

What´s your 2016 word?

2016 has began!! And with a new year, we have a new opportunity to set the intentions for the year to come. In order to set our new intentions, we have to review the old and decide what is complete, what we would like to complete this year and what things we can just let go of, we can also look into adding a new things that we would want to do during the year that we did not think about last year.

2015 was the year of expansion for me. I was able to accomplish many things I did not think I could such as being a presenter in the Parliament of World Religions or studying with some well known teachers such as Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue, John Holland among others. Looking back, I feel I did an exponential jump in my vibrations and my knowledge to point me in the direction I want to go when it comes to my Priestess role and my spiritual path. I know it was just the beginning and this work never ends, but I do feel it was a life changing year.

Starting to meditate in my vision for 2016, I can see it as a year of transition, of discernment, and of focus. It´s time to start focusing on my projects and not let anything move me away from them such as distractions, unnecessary drama, toxic people, energy vampires among other things. It´s the year of being just a steady Eddie like Sonia Choquette would say and do a little bit every day to move me forward to my goal. It does not have to be something big but it is that constant work and energy being put into our goals that make them real. I also have to me mindful of my thoughts because thoughts become things and if in the background, I have some limiting beliefs, they will impact my results. It´s time to trust the Universe and be open knowing that my goals are aligned with my purpose so effortless movement should be expected. I will not allow the monkey mind to derail me from my goals.

When the year starts, some people make new year resolutions, others create vision boards, some set intentions and others look for one word that will define their year to come. This word can be your intention for this year or it could be something that you want to work on or assimilate or integrate. My word for 2016 is transition, what is yours?

May 2016 be filled with happiness, love, good health and prosperity! May your intentions come true and that you live true to your purpose and authentic to your self.

Love and light,

Carolina A. Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja


  1. My word for 2016 is Authenticity. To have the audacity to be the sacred rebel and stand in my own truth for all to see.

    1. I love it! It connects with the blog I just finished "Dare to be unique!"

  2. Wonderful! My word for the year is Capacity —as in "Practice increases my Capacity to embody the energies that move through me." Blessed be!