Tuesday, November 24, 2015


7:50 am....  Walking to my car to go to work when I noticed something is wrong, why is everything everywhere in my car??? Oh no.... somebody broke in! Damage control activated! Like in a chess game, we need to evaluate the situation and cut our losses.... Darn, my mom´s rosary is missing.... my Sekhmet pen.... my tetragrammaton that I got 20 years ago in Argentina.... my GPS.... and darn, the spare key of my home!!!!! Panic strikes when I realize now I am not safe... they have a key of my house. I ran to the office where I work, pick up my computer and on my way home I spoke to the property manager so she changes the lock of my house today. The idea of thinking somebody may come over and be able to get in really freaks me out. In the frenzy of adrenaline and fear and anger, I have forgotten I am always protected. I have forgotten I am a powerful witch and I always walk with my angels, guides and protectors. My ancestors also walk with me and they are definitely not happy with this incident as whoever broke into my car took my precious token - my mom´s rosary... the item she gave me for protection.

To curse or not to curse? That´s the question. The scared little girl that lives within me says.... "make them pay" while the adult Priestess says.... "Have compassion, they really don´t know what they took and in the end,  you are the power... not your elements and tools, it´s you." As I move from the stages of feeling from scared, to numbness, to anger... to goosfraba...  I know that this situation feels like a violation of my space, taking my sacred objects and leaving me feeling vulnerable and open. I know how to curse and I also know my power and I definitely would use that as a very last resort because it would just come back to me.

Sometimes we are attached to things and we start thinking the things are the real thing but in reality, it´s all in the vault and these days, as I grow in my skills, I can feel and talk to my mother everyday. She and my witches of East Wick walk with me. They keep me protected and they keep me safe. I don´t need the physical things because in the ether we are all one and that´s the place I am moving towards to. It´s time to let go of the attachments and feel the power that lies within the Witch... no tools... no elements... Just the witch.

My little girl is angry and upset but for her, there is always Goosfraba.....  For me, it is the wisdom of it is not the tools that make the Witch but the Witch that makes the magick.

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja


  1. Oh I got my bag stolen in the tube, I only thought abount cancelling the clues, the credit cards, I shouted of course during half and hour of course , but didn`t feel angry because the things I lost,I was angry due to the time I had to spend trying to prevent another troubles, which I was not able to do!!! jjajajaja The credits cards were used...so. I consider me a grown up woman because I didn't spare my time crying, screaming, coursing, etc etc, just felt sad,,,for a while. I really discovered that the bad energy of a course could be back...stronger and that`s worst than lost a bag.