Monday, November 16, 2015


Wake up! The time is now! What are you waiting for? There are times in life when reality decides to slap you on the face so you come back to your senses and see the picture you have created. Is what you see what you really want? Is that what your heart desires? Are you stuck in any areas that are preventing you from moving forward? Are you carrying a bag full of emotions and things that belong in the past and you should leave behind?

Yesterday, I saw a picture of my ex with his new wife and I realized that the clock is ticking and moving forward and I either get on the bus of my own life or just stay stuck in situations forever. I can hear my ancestors screaming "Let it go!!!!!!!!! It´s complete! Don´t carry this bag because that´s not yours anymore.... drop it and move forward!!" 

It´s interesting to see how the message I am getting lately is trust your vibes, what you feel is real and even when you feel it and you know it is true, it is still hard to face reality and see it. You thought it was just you, a figment of your imagination but no... it is true. It´s time to start trusting what you feel, what you see, what you hear because it is all part of the bigger plan - the Divine Plan. This plan does not include your ego fantasies but it includes what you are really meant to do in this lifetime. If you go with the flow of the Divine, you will find yourself living a charmed life as I am experiencing now. Even the painful findings are also guiding me in the right direction, just cutting the cords that keep me trapped in that which no longer serves me.

This weekend, besides having the shocking experience of confirming my feelings, I also got to experience synchronicity and magic in finding the perfect parking spot when I was going to work or in the middle of the city when I was going for dinner. Even today when I said to the universe I need something sweet in my office job, I found a chocolate chip cookie waiting for me in the kitchen. Magic is all around me and I know both the positive things and the challenging things are just ways the Divine has to move me forward, to show me that I can do it and that I should not get distracted with drama or situations that are not serving me anymore. Don´t carry the old lady bag... let it go... drop it so you can be lighter and move more freely. 

Feel the grief and feel it fully for all those dreams that did not come true, all those relationships that are no longer in your life, all those frustrations and disappointments but don´t get attached to them. Let them go and release them so they can be transformed. That energy that is stuck in those feelings can be used for something more aligned with your purpose and with your future self. That self that you are creating today, in your now moment.

Today, I was reading the book "You Can Heal Your heart" by Louise Hay and David Kessler and they were saying at times it is harder to heal from a divorce than when a person passed away because you have to come to the understanding that the person does not want to be with you anymore whereas when they pass, they are no longer in a physical form to be able to share with you,  so people tend to keep fantasies of getting back together or fixing things when the other party is alive. I do have to agree that this is true as I have experienced both types of losses and divorce or broken friendships feel really harder than accepting the passing of significant other because I feel I can connect with those who have passed while with the living, there is no connection anymore. 

The secret is in knowing that even though there is no connection, the love shared can not be destroyed and it exists forever. That love that was expressed and felt is always so in the spiritual planes so we do not have to hold anger of fear but know that the situation is complete in this plane now and we can move on to the future. It is time to leave the past behind, don´t get stuck in grieving and move forward.

Move forward.... forward....

Love and Light,

Carolina A. Amor


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