Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dare to be unique!

Is one part of you saying yes and the other part saying but what will my.... say?  This is one of the stories we share in common with humanity. We were all born within a tribe and the tribe has a lot of mandates that we follow without questioning because questioning them would make us a target to get kicked out of the tribe. The tribe represents safety and our comfort. It´s hard to go against the current and challenge the tribe mandates but what is the price we pay if we just conform? What is our spirit denying to try to conform with the tribe?

During the past two weeks, I´ve been meditating with Lady Olivia Robertson asking her what she wants me to talk about in my presentation in Pantheacon. My talk is about her legacy and her work but it wouldn´t be fair if I didn´t ask what she wants to see in the presentation, what she thinks I should cover and what are the key points I need to make. Messages come in strange places in strange situations when you never expect them but the other day when I was in the gym, I received a message from her saying "Tell people not to fear their uniqueness, they need to learn to be who they are instead of adjusting to what people want them to do or be. The time is now for them to start being authentic and fearless in their expression of who they are at the core." As I sat with this message, I began remembering her and she was indeed unique and did not fear being herself. She was one of the most connected and spontaneous people I´ve ever met. She was movable and guidable and her guides definitely showed her the way. We could be sitting and having tea when she felt we had to go find some flowers for the Goddess and there we went to find the flowers! She did not think what are they going to think if I say we have to get up now? She just did what she felt she had to do and followed her inner compass, her intuition and her guides.

Another person that dare to be unique and freaky and different was David Bowie. I was very sad when I found out he passed away last Monday after battling cancer. He was really inspiring and one of those "one in a lifetime" type of person that does not fear what they will say. He was from another planet and he knew it and he did not feel ashamed about that. He is another example of uniqueness and the fact that no matter what other people would say, he dared to be himself and break the structure. He broke traditions, he broke the pattern and had the courage to show the world something different. When I look back at his videos and songs, I can definitely say he was something else but in his uniqueness, he had charisma and charm. One friend of mine told me the fairies spread too much pixie dust on him so he could be totally out there and be fine! 

Looking at these examples, one very close to me with Lady Olivia and one in the public eye with David Bowie, I can´t help but think whether I am being authentic in my own life. What parts of my self I am hiding to conform with society? I took the first step when I dared to talk about my spirituality and defied my parents path about 20 years ago. I was the black sheep then but now I have Goddessize (yes, this is my word) them. Most of my family has altars and knows who the Goddess Isis is, they also know I am a Priestess, a Psychic, a Medium and that at times I see the world different. If you look at your life, do you think you are very authentic or are you afraid of showing who you truly are? Do you try to fit the mold that society has set around people so you are not judged or left in isolation? Sometimes the coconut is your best friend and it is better to be alone than in bad company so ....

Do you dare to be unique? The time is now! Nothing to hide and time to shine. Don´t fear just be you. Dare to be unique!

Love and light,

Carolina Amalia Amor

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