Saturday, November 19, 2016

Invest in Yourself!

Certain weeks have certain topics, this week, the topic was how you invest in yourself. We are wired to think about others before we think about ourselves. We give to others before we give to ourselves. Not many people are able to follow the mandate from the airplane security message "put your oxygen mask first, then help the other". Most people would die without oxygen because they would be caring and catering to the needs of others at the expense of their own needs. Where does this concept come from? Why is it so easy to give and so hard to receive? 

I was meditating on this topic this week and it wasn´t until I talked to my teacher and mentor, Sonia, when I realized that I was enabling people who were not interested in investing in themselves by not charging a fee or offering very reduced prices. Did I think my services were not worth the money? Why did I have such a hard time charging for a service I provide? I have no issues paying fees for classes or for readings or for anything that will move me forward in my evolutionary journey. Why is it so easy for me to pay for myself but I can hardly ask for people to pay for my services? Sonia´s response was that in past lives, I was providing the same services but I did not need to make a living because my needs were covered by the convent I was part of. I was helping poor people, homeless people and those who did not have the means to pay for my services. Today, people are able to pay for things, they are not homeless or poor, and my needs are not met by the convent as I don´t belong to any convent! 

The Universe has very interesting ways to sending us messages. Today, I was working at the Mystic Dream when a lady came in. She looked like a homeless woman. She parked her trolley outside with her belongings and entered the store. She wanted a 15 minute reading. I explained to her what I did and the prices and she had her reading. She enjoyed the reading and she found it helpful. She paid the fee and left. I was surprised but I know she was an angel. She showed me that even the homeless can pay for my services if they are interested in investing in themselves. It broke my paradigm from the past that said give things for free, they can´t afford it. The time has come to begin with self-respect and demand respect from others. Also respect the people´s right to not want to invest in themselves and in their growth. It is ok to let them be. When they are ready to invest in themselves, you will be there.

How does investing in yourself look like? It does not look the same for everyone. For some, may be to have a bubble bath. For others, to read a favorite book. It can also be to watch a nice movie or cuddle with a love one. Investing in yourself means putting yourself first and investing the time and money to help you grow or investing in your happiness. You can not help anybody else if you don´t help yourself first. You need to charge your batteries first and you do that by dedicating time or money or both to your well being (physical, emotional, spiritual). My reading today showed me that everyone can invest in themselves, it is just a question of choice. Today chose yourself. You are the best investment.


Rev. Carolina Amor

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