Monday, August 16, 2010

Darkness and Power

As the year starts waning and the day starts getting shorter, some people tend to see darkness with fear. Somehow darkness has become associated with evil or bad things when it is actually the void, the unknown, the uncharted path, and the seeds of new beginnings. Darkness is our place of power and that is one of the reasons why some religions fear darkness because in that place is where we can make your dreams come true, where we can have power, where we can be who we are meant to be and not be controlled or dominated by a religious belief.

Last weekend, I was studying the Demeter and Persephone Mystery from Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess by Olivia Robertson. While reading that Mystery I could understand that we tend to fear what we don't understand and darkness is the void, it is the nothing, the fertile ground where seeds can grow and where we can find the jewels of power and wisdom. Patriarchy has equated darkness with evil and bad instead of the place of creation, the magick womb where all our dreams manifest in a thought, in a seed, in a wish. If we tune with the seasons, as the year wanes we start going on a journey within. Looking at all those things that prevent us from achieving our dreams and start facing them. We can also look for answers or guidance on our path and confront those things that block our way. Fall is the time to let go of the old and winter is the time to plant the seed of our desires, the ones we want to manifest during the next spring.

It is time for us to realize that darkness is just the opposite spectrum of the light and without darkness there can be no light. It is what keeps us balanced and in harmony. It is time to shed the fear and embrace the darkness. The dark can bring us depth and power, but only if we embrace it and we don't fear it. It is hard to let go of the beliefs that they have taught us when we were kids but it is up to us to choose to be different, to choose to embrace darkness so our light can shine more strongly, that we take the time to sit in the void and create our future.

Blessings )0(

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  1. That´s totally right. In the dark cave of the womb we ARE, we develop and get ready to be born. Darkness is light...The light that shines in the black obsidiane mirror.