Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Power of the King

Leo is the sign of the lion, of the king, of the heart. Leo is associated with healthy ego and power, with the ability to shine, to be the center, to stand for what you believe in your heart. The New Moon in Leo gives us an opportunity to look within our hearts and see what our true calling is. Many times we live our life by following somebody else's steps, another person's path, instead of making our own path as we walk along. Many times, we have a family that conditions us to be what our mother or father wanted to be but couldn't so now we are the next evolution and we should fulfill their purpose. It takes strength to be able to stand up and say no to those mandates. You have to be brave to go against the flow and follow your heart. Many times, fear and anxiety makes us live in the shadow of another person without allowing us the ability to shine in our own light. Each of us is unique and in that uniqueness, we make this world a better place. Unfortunately, we live in a society where uniqueness is labeled weird, strange, wacko, and many other beautiful names that will only have power if we give that power to them.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and as we know, every planet rotates around the Sun. The Sun it is the center, and it is not afraid to take the spot light and shine with all its strength making sure that each planet is touch by its rays. Our lives are similar to the Sun, we have the power to shine, to touch people's lives, to change the world, one person at a time if we decide to be different. If we decide to live from our hearts instead of follow the mandates of society that want to make us as if we are people out of a factory, a number, all the same, everyone should want the same, love the same, be the same, no uniqueness... It is in our uniqueness that our power resides. It is time to feel our power, it is time to stop pretending we are machines out of a factory, it is time to show the world we are not afraid to be unique, to be different, to be special.

You can be the king/queen of your own life, live with purpose, live with heart, live the life you were born to live not the one that people expect you to live. The choice is yours. As a friend of mine says "nothing is impossible", just be bold, be brave, and follow your heart. You only get to live your life once and it is too short to waste by following somebody else's path or being in the shadow of somebody else. Make your own path. Feel your power. Don't be afraid! You can do it!

Blessings )0(

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