Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a reservation...

Every journey has a story and this trip is no different in that sense. When my husband and I started our journey to Oregon on Friday evening, we did not expect an adventure but instead a nice trip. When we were reaching I-80, traffic was a pain and we were going two miles an hour. At that moment, I thought, maybe now it is time to stop and grab something to eat, but then I decided to stick with it. Sometimes slow motion is not that bad... and if we give up at the first sign of blockage we will never get anywhere so that was the first sign in this magick journey. Face the blocks, stick with it and keep going, soon enough you will find an easy flow and get moving. Just as I decided to stick with it, the traffic started moving so I was happy I did not stop.

When we got to Redding, we decided to stop for some food and by the time we finished, it was pitch dark. My husband was tired so I decided to continue driving (and I like speed... I was doing 90 miles an hour on I-5.... this runs in the family since my uncle was pulled over in I-5 for doing 90... not sure if it is an Argentina thing... or we just like running in my family). As much as I like running, the road from Redding to Yreka was quite curvy and it was very dark. Curves were not signal very well and I was grabbing the wheel pretty hard trying to figure out what would come next. Thank Goddess for GPS devices since I could foresee the curves and slow down. The GPS reminded me of divination tools since I believe in free will but I know divination provides you insights into what options you have in the future. Intuition is like our internal GPS telling us what to do next, if we pay attention to the road, we can choose the best option for us.

By the time I was getting near Yreka, the road was flat so I was speeding once again, I just wanted to make it to the hotel and lay down since it was almost 11 PM and I had worked that day. Without noticing it, I got off the ramp, parked in the hotel when I realize a security person coming to my car... I got off the car and said "I am about to check in, I have a reservation" I was looking at this guy face to face and I could see the confusion on his face. After the initial shock, he was able to say "I understand you have a reservation but I am stopping you because you were driving too fast.. you were doing 80 in a 65 mph road" Then I realized he was a cop so I played stupid and I said... "I did not notice I was going so fast... I am sorry" He asked me for my drivers license and I was already out of the car so I pulled my bag, handed the driver's license and handed that to him. He asked for the registration and I gave him that as well, but when he asked for the proof of insurance I noticed I had 7 cards but none of them was the current one. I was leaning inside the car with my sexy pose and trying to figure out the insurance thing when he said.. "is that still valid?" and I said "yes it is but I don't have the current card." So he said, let me write this down and I will let you go with a warning this time :) So I sat in the car and waited. He told me to not drive fast anymore and left... After that, my husband was astonished. He could not believed how I handled the cop and made him let me go with a warning and no ticket although I was driving 90 (well 80 for the cop) and did not have proof of insurance. Now he calls me Luke and says I am using the dark side of the force to mind control people... The rest of the family is using "I have a reservation" as the phrase to disengage cops...

One thing I learned during this journey was to slow down but never stop.. just keep going and life will show you the way.. and if not, I will use my magick phrase.. "I have a reservation."

Blessings )0(

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