Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wake Up!

Once in a Blue Moon, you wake up and you see everything clear. It's like all of the sudden you are really awake and you are waking up from a dream. The dream may have been a good dream or it may have been a nightmare but you know you were asleep, you were not conscious, you are moving through the motions and letting life happen to you. Last Wednesday was that day for me. Somehow, I woke up and I realized that since the beginning of 2011, I have been moving through motions, eating badly, being scattered, not working out, not dedicating time for myself. It's like I started putting everyone else before me and forgetting that I should always put myself first because if I don't do that, nobody will.

Seeing the scale only confirmed that my eating patterns have not been the best and just by looking at the calendar I can see that my work out schedule has been less than normal. This was like a wake up call to me since 2010 was my year of getting healthy and whole and somehow, 2011 brought some self sabotage and getting back to old patterns. This wake up call motivated me to start a nutritional/work out program again and get back on the wagon. Many times, we forget that our bodies are our temples and how we treat our body reflects how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.

The body is only a reflection of what is going on inside and motivated me to think about all those other areas where I was putting other people first and sacrificing myself or just setting my feelings aside. Sometimes, we forget to look within and see where we are getting off center. Our core knows what we need but many times we are too busy to even hear that voice that guides us to get what we need. Some of my relationships have been less than satisfactory and some people who called themselves my friends have made me suffer way too much what makes me evaluate whether they are my friends or not. Sometimes I look at my life and I realize that not many areas bring me joy and this is an opportunity for a change, this brings awareness and the choice to remain the same or change.

Awareness is what I am looking for lately and that's why the body bugg is back in my arm, because it's not about calorie burn or about calories in, it is about having a reminder of putting myself first, choosing my options carefully, and if I start with what I eat and how I treat my body, then the same can reflect in the rest of my life.

Are you sleeping? Are you living life through the motions? I know I was and I am happy I woke up. It's time for you to wake up as well since we only have one life to live and it is pretty short.

Many blessings )0(

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