Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time to start again...

When everything collapses and is lost, there is nothing else to do but to turn the page and start again. We could dwell on it, we could feel like we are the victims of some kind of conspiracy, blame others for what's happening, or we could take ownership on what we've done in the past, evaluate and set a new course. Last week, as I was looking for some materials I translated last year, I noticed that Facebook deleted all my postings when they updated my group so most of the material was lost. I was very upset at that time but I remember I had a forum that I had opened as a back up so I tried to get into this forum and as I clicked on the page to access it, I got this message "This Forum is no longer available due to inactivity." At that point, I was very frustrated because my back up had fallen apart because I had not paid attention to it. My first reaction was to be mad because nobody told me that they were going to delete the work I have done and spent hours doing. I wanted to scream at somebody and let that frustration go somewhere but then I realized reality - I had not been present in my group or Forum and maybe this was an opportunity to start again. Like a plant that dies if it is not watered or a relationship that ends when it is not tendered, my work had disappeared giving me an opportunity to re-evaluate and think whether I wanted to continue with this work or not. Goddess sometimes puts some tests in our way to see how committed we are to what we promised, to see if we are for real, to see if our word is worth something. I felt this was one of my tests since I felt that I put on a lot of hours of work and now everything was lost - I even had a back up plan and that didn't work; but I know like the Tower in the Tarot Cards, when lightning strikes, we just have to take it, destroy and create space for the new. I had not paid attention to my group, I did not check the Forum for months so it was only fair for it to disappear.

The same happens with relationships. Sometimes we take things for granted and forget that relationships take work, that nothing is there forever if we don't tender it, if we don't dedicate time, if we don't pay attention, the same thing that happened to my Forum can take place, you wake up one day and the person is gone.

Everything in life takes dedication, time and caring. I have learned my lesson. I was asleep and now I have woken up. It is time to start again...

Blessings )0(

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