Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Time

Movies have the power to take us places. To guide our minds to different spaces where we can be curious, we can experience, we can wonder. Today, I watched the movie "In Time." You may be asking yourself if I am a Justin Timberlake fan. Just to clear the air, I am not - LOL. The movie has a very interesting twist and I thought with a tag line that says "Time is Power" it was definitely worth watching. The story is not strong but it does have a key component that made me think a lot. In that time, people use time as currency. Time was literally money and people would die when they ran out of time. A coffee would cost 4 minutes, rent maybe cost a few days, and people got paid in time. People would steal time from each other to be able to survive and time was also a way to controlling people, a form of power.

As I watched this movie, I started thinking about life in general and how we don't appreciate our time. We are usually rushing from one place to the next. The week starts and we want it to be Friday again. The day start and we want it to be 5 o'clock. We just want to push time and fast forward instead of realizing that time is one of the most valuable possessions we have because we do not know when our last day on this earth is, unlike the movie where they had a watch ticking and showing how much they have left. Each day can be the last and if you only had one more day, what would you do on that day? Would you do what you are doing now? Would you spend it with the people you are now? Our clock is ticking within and even though we don't know when it will stop, we do know that it will stop one day for sure. If you are living your life for somebody else, whether it is your parents, your spouse, your partner, your child, think again. Like on an airplane, you need to put your oxygen mask first, then help others. We can not live our lives sacrificing for other, we need to learn our own lives and if each person did that, there would be less misery in the world and people would be happier. We would live in a world where people love what they are doing and they know that each minute is as they would want it to be. No regrets. No pain. No guilt. No anger. Mortality is very real and uncertainty as of how much time we have left is also true. Choose to live your life from the heart. Appreciate and spend each minute wisely. You can not go back in time, you can not change the past, but you can definitely start today to live with intention, to make each minute count, and know that in the future when you look back, you would say "I would not change anything" and in the present moment you would say "this is as I would want it to be now."

Blessings )0(

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