Monday, October 31, 2011

Changes in Seasons and the Druid Path

When I decided to walk the Druid Path a few months ago, I realized that nature has become more than something that's out there, something to admire. I started feeling like Nature has been communicating with me in different ways. For example, as I was walking down the stairs at work the other day, I found a little lizard on the bottom of the stairs. I had never seen a lizard in a place like that but he was looking at me, he had a message. I came back home and at looked at my Animal Speak book and there it was, the message was one of "detachment." sometimes you need to become more detached in life to survive. If you are too attached, you are too close, you will suffer. If instead you detach from the situation, you can look at the whole picture like the Queen and decide what is best for your realm even if it means sacrificing your own dreams, your own desires because in the long run, it is what is best for all.

Then a hummingbird was flying next to my window in the hummingbird way of flying when it seems it is suspended in the air. He wanted me to see him and his message was one of exploring the past and making sure I draw the nectars of joy. He reminded me that there is sweetness in any situation, not matter how sour it may be at the time. That joy is always there and that everything happens for a reason. Each situation is part of our learning experience, of our path, of our lifetime.

As I took the trash out the other day, a butterfly was sitting on the wall of my patio like ready to give me a message. She was sitting quietly and waiting for me to notice. I saw it on my way to the trash area, and then on my way back. I had to make sure my eyes were not tricking me and that the butterfly was really there. Animal Speak says butterflies show up in your life when you are going through changes and you need to evaluate what state of change you are at now. It also reminds you to not take things so seriously and they bring a sense of lightness and joy. Butterflies reminds us to get up and move for if we can move, we can dance.

I think my most amazing experience was last week. As I walked around my apartment complex during the night, I started feeling the tingling in my hands. I could feel the energies of the plants around. I could also feel the energy I was creating to surround me in the shape of a circle, a protective circle like the one we cast when we are about to start a ritual. My hands started moving, my right hand was forward, my left hand was back, then moving around and changing positions creating a perfect circle. I kept walking until I finally felt it. This tree was calling me. He was my tree companion. I came closer to it. I placed my hands on it and I felt the tree vibrating as if it had a heart beat. My own heart beat accelerated. I started breathing deeply. I could feel the roots of the tree and the earth below. The tree and I became one and I asked the tree to take all the pain away and transform it, wash it off, let it go. In exchange, I gave Reiki to the tree and some of my own vital energy. The connection was made. This has become my tree and I will surely visit him often.

As I connected with Nature during October, I realized how we in our own worlds also change with the seasons. The wheel of the year is always spinning and as we move through it, we can see we change with it if we are in tune with it. We can see how we let go of all those things that don't serve us anymore during the fall like the trees lose the leaves. We start creating the new during winter, putting the seeds on the ground of all those goals and things we want to accomplish. We see them flourish during the spring and mature during the summer until we take them out of the ground with the first harvest - Lammas. The wheel keeps spinning and spinning, and it is in us to see these changes and choose to live with purpose and mission.

Today is Samhain on the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the night of the dead, the ancestors. The time we go back to the cauldron to be reborn during the winter solstice. I invite you to live this next wheel with purpose, with passion, with heart, with soul. See Nature and see how it reflects in your own life. What things you need to let go of today so you can make space for the new? What things no longer serve you? What have you learned and you are ready to move to the next lesson? Live with purpose today and tomorrow and you'll see the difference. Your life will become magickal and you'll have the opportunity to create the life you want.

Blessings )0(

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