Friday, October 14, 2011

Experiences at the Oasis

As I sit down to write about my experiences at the Oasis, I can't help but run short of words. It seems the words that would describe such an amazing event as Convocation don't exist in English or Spanish. Yes! Me, the lady of words, is out of words. Isn't that insane?

Intensity is one word that can define my experience; out of this world another. The day started as I got ready to leave my house. I started packing all my belongings, my robes, my cord, my rattle, my diary, everything that I need for an event like that while I was watching Lady Olivia's DVD - Priestess of Isis. I wanted to get my mind out of the mundane and into the magical realm. On my way to the Temple, my dad and I experiences some serious traffic and what usually took us one hour and a half took almost two hours and a half. In my mind, I kept thinking that we will arrive at the right time and maybe this delay was just meant to be.

As we arrived in the Temple, we could see lots of cars. How exciting to see the event growing so much!!!! We checked in and walk around. Last year, during convocation, I was looking for a Sekhmet necklace. As a Sekhmet Priestess I was called to have a piece of jewelry dedicated to her. Little did I know that as I walked back to my room, I would run across a Priestess whose work is to create Goddess Rosaries and there it was! A beautiful Sekhmet Rosary!!!! You guessed it, I got the Rosary since it was meant to be mine.

That night, during dinner, Lady Loreon invited me to have dinner at Lady Olivia's table since I was not able to stay for the full event and I was leaving the next day. The dinner was amazing. Lady Olivia's vibrant energy filled me with joy since it's incredible to spend time with an elder and I consider myself very fortunate.

Convocation this year was dedicated to the frog Goddess Heqet. Le'ema's performance was amazing and she captured the energy of Heqet beautifully. The performance started with some crystal bowls and as the sound increased in the Temple Theater we all felt we raised our vibrations to the next level. Then Lady Olivia guide us in a journey to the cleansing waters and helped us release the old to make space for the new. The night ended with presentations and stories of Heqet.

As I said in the past, Isis is the lady of Synchronicity. The next morning, I woke up and went to have breakfast with Lady Olivia, Linda Iles, Le'ema Graham, Francesca Gentile, DeTraci Regula and some other Priests and Priestesses from the Fellowship of Isis. The fire was burning, the coffee was great, but the conversations were amazing. Many times, Goddess brings to our lives the experiences and people we need around to grow and evolve. This breakfast time granted me the honor to bond with Francesca and find a Goddess Sister. As we talked, we found out that our lives were more connected than we thought and I invited her to my consecration later that day.

Linda Iles class about Hieroglyphic Writing was amazing and I am still chewing on what she talked about. Her scholar presentation was out of this world and filled with knowledge in every level. I am so grateful to call her my mentor and teacher. After the class, we headed to the Isis Chapel for my consecration as ArchDruidess but before that, we stopped for tea. While having tea, we meditated on how the Goddess has touched our lives. Lady Olivia guided us in a journey and when the time was right, we moved to the Chapel to start the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful and filled with power. Sometimes simpicity is much more powerful than sophisticated steps. As Lady Olivia placed the Sekhmet Rosary on me, she told me to think of each bead in that rosary as a person I have touched with my work and how all of them would support me in my Priestess work. She told me not to get stuck in the literal meaning of words but to feel them from the heart. Lady Olivia's vision of the Goddess Dana as a blond hair woman in the woods reminded me of my first vision of myself when I became a witch. I would see myself as a witch dancing around the fire in the middle of the woods with white robes and long blonde hair (since my hair is naturally blonde). Maybe, that vision was just the beginning of this journey, and now I had found my way back home. The ceremony ended with Lady Olivia telling me something like "Now you are an ArchDruidess, you know what to do, don't let anybody tell you how to do things, just find your own way to do it." It was a very powerful statement for me since at times we may look for approval or try to see if others will tell us how to do things but in that we give our power away.

Priestesses come in many forms and shapes. Convocation is one place where I can see all of us coming together, each with our gifts and skills, and each bringing the Goddess back to life in our own ways. I feel so blessed to have been part of such an amazing event and a life changing journey. I look forward to the future and what Goddess has in store for me.

Many blessings )0(

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