Monday, January 16, 2012

Harmony vs. Balance

During the first few weeks of this new year, I spent some time meditating what the focus for 2012 would be. Each year has a topic or an underlying story to tell. For me, 2012 is the year when I will strive for harmony in my life. Some people may ask why harmony and not balance. For me harmony is about combining all the energies and activities in my life to work in synch with each other and like an orchestra where there are several instruments playing to create a beautiful melody, my life would reflect several activities and energies all moving at the pace I decide to create a vision of the life I want to live. Balance, for me, is about not doing some things or limiting the amount of time we spend doing something so we are not out of balance like the scales in the Justice card of the tarot - if I do this, I may not do that type of thinking so things are not out of balance.

I am the type of person that has a tendency to be "all or nothing" and achieving harmony in my life will help me to see that I can do all those things I want to do like studying Mandarin, leading my online community, being a teacher, being a mentor, working full time and spending time with my love ones, writing, translating... the list goes on and on. As the Queen of my own Realm, I am visioning what I want my Realm to look like, who I want to be part of it, and who has to go for the best of all. There may be activities that don't have a space in my life anymore, and others that will be incorporated. I am trying to see the full picture of my life, where I come from and where I am going so I can manifest the life I deserve. 2012 is the year when I want my Queen self to come out fully and to incorporate all the qualities and characteristics a Queen has. I want to be the visionary of my own life. I want to lead like water. I want to avoid reacting to life but instead visioning, planning, and executing according to the plan.

When I calculated my Tarot Card for this year, I got the Star or if I reduced the number the Strength card. You calculate your tarot year by using numerology to get the result. You take the day you are born, the month, and this year and get the result. For example, if you are born on September 21, you would calculate 2+1+9+2+0+1+2 = 17 (the star) or you can reduce the result by adding 1 + 7 =8 (strength). When I saw those two cards, I couldn't help but think the message is that it takes strength for me to shine like the star and be able to bring light into my life. Sometimes we need to tame the lion in order to achieve our passion, to live our vision, to fulfill our purpose. What is your card for this year? What does this card tells you?

The first few weeks of the year set the tone for the rest. Spend sometime meditating what the focus is, what you want to achieve and see if your card tells you something else about what this year would be about. You have the power to create your world, you have the power to impact your environment, you are Divine.

Blessings )0(

Lady Carolina

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