Sunday, January 29, 2012

Never alone - They will hold your hand

Sometimes we hit the wall and feel like everything is going against us until we see the light, we see the helping hand, we see the Goddess shinning and telling us everything will be ok. Today I had two experiences when Goddess showed up and told me she was there just by me. I went hiking in the morning with some friends and in the beginning it was very hard, I felt I could not go any longer. My calfs were in pain, my legs were hurting, my ankles were burning to the point I felt I should just give up and stand there waiting for them to come back. I decided to stop and voiced my feelings to my friend, I told her "just go... I need to stay behind" and she said "I am not going anywhere.... what's going on?" So I explained to her my ankles and calfs were hurting and she helped me stretch them out, and every time we stopped she helped me stretch and keep the positive attitude. We were lucky to see a hawk flying by and I would not have seen it if she had not helped me and hold my hand, made me feel ok when I felt like giving up.

Later that afternoon, I felt like I wanted to drop my Chinese class. I spent hours decoding Chinese characters ~ by decoding I mean putting the Chinese Character into pinyin, then English... yep decoding. After 6 hours of studying I felt I accomplished one exercise.... Needless to say I felt less than bright and like I did not have enough time to cope with this class. I wrote to my teacher and told her that I was having a hard time with the homework, that I have spent all day and I have accomplished little and that I felt like going back to level one or dropping the class. Her response was so loving... she was cute and sweet, she told me to stick with it, to not stress, to not work that hard, to have fun and enjoy and that she would be there to hold my hand when I had problems. She felt like the Great Mother for me. She was holding my hand when I was struggling, telling me everything will be ok. It is ok to be lost, it is ok to feel pain, it is ok to feel fear of failure, it is ok to feel like we want to give up. She is there. She is guiding us. She is holding our hands and wrapping us in her arms when we want to cry.

She is there, she is holding our arms - we are never alone.


Lady Carolina

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