Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Power of Choice

Two paths... which one to take..... right or left. The decision is yours and yours alone. What will it be? You are the only one that can decide. They can show you the door but you are the one that has to walk through it and after that, you will be facing your demons alone.

This week has been that type of week for me. I was thrown into the fire, hit, punched, bit and left for dead. Dramatic? Yes, you can say that but for the purpose of this blog, just follow along. My week started with explain your thought pattern when you made this decision to setting up a training session in the wrong time zone... I guess my head is somewhere else! That explanation did not cut it for my boss so I had to come up with a better excuse of why I had set up a training session she really wanted to attend an hour later and we just got in to hear the "that's all folks..." Yes, I have felt stupid, I have felt silly, I have felt like I can't do anything right this week but then my Queen self was coming out and saying ... Relax my child, I am here for you.... This is not who you are, these are just stones in the path to push you in the right direction, to help you get thicker skin, to help you build the strength necessary for the future.

This week was also the week I was faced with a big decision in my life... Do I continue studying Chinese or do I follow my Priestess path? These paths are not opposite but at the time being it's either one or the other. The college I was taking my class in was very demanding and if I studied Mandarin I would only be studying Mandarin for the next six month. No ritual planning, no ritual attending, no teaching, no fun stuff... no no no. You can imagine my Priestess self was screaming out loud saying... What are you doing? Do you really want this????? So after a lot of debate and a heavy heart, I decided to drop my class and fully immerse myself in my Priestess path. With 6 students in my class, I really need time to devote to them while leaving me space to have some fun, work out, be in nature, travel and all those fun things I want to do! You can imagine my Priestess Self was jumping on one leg doing the happy dance after I made this decision. It was hard. I had to battle my demons because there was that part of me that said, you can do it all and this is a small failure, you should not be quitting but in the end, I know I followed my heart and my passion. I have peace of mind and I know I made the right decision for myself. We are always in control. We can always choose. It's just up to us to listen to our hearts and choose accordingly. In the end, the power of choice is all we have.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina

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