Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Labels and Stereotypes

"Mmmmm I did not think you like Katy Perry" my coworker said the other day and I couldn't help but start thinking about labels and stereotypes. People have a tendency to place meaning on words and labels. If you say nerd, images of glasses, people on computers, very bright but not social come to your mind. Words have such an amazing power and sometimes we are not aware of the power they have.

Last Friday, my best friend's kids came to my house and they both go to a Christian school so witches are bad for them. As you can imagine, I don't like the idea of the evil witch is going to come and do something to you if you don't behave.... So I decided to show them one of my favorite movie ~ Kiki Delivery Service ~ This movie portrait a young witch going out in the world to find ehr skill and learn her trait. Nothing bad about her, nothing evil. Just a cute girl flying on a broomstick trying to make ends meet. After the movie, you could see how conditioning had worked. The girl who has been in the school for over two years did not like Kiki. The other one who has only been in school for a few months was in love with Kiki. She was jumping on my broomstick and pretending to be Kiki. It was crazy to think how conditioning works, how ideas are placed in our minds and how we buy them because we just follow the system. How at times we live the life they want us to live but not the one we are meant to live.

Children are so transparent in their conditioning. You can definitely see through the standards placed in their minds. For example, my friend's daughter asked me the other day "Tia Caro, are you and tio Ryan married?" And I was like "yes, we are" and she asked "why don't you have a baby then?" So innocent, so pure, in her mind all married couples have children..... or you need to be married to have a baby and if I am married how come I don't want to have a baby..... Stereotypes! I told her gently that Tio Ryan and I may have babies in the future but there is more than being married to make you decide to have a baby.

What are your labels? What are the stereotypes you play? Do you have any? I know people always get surprised at the wide range of likings I have. I can listen to Metallica or Britney Spears depending on the day, depending on the energy. Some people may not know I am a Priestess although I always behave like one. There are so many things people may assume about me that are not what I think of myself but only a few people get to go deep enough to see that, to see me without any masks or veils.

Next time you use a label or you think of a stereotype, think again! Think the power that goes into making that word a manifestation and make sure it is what you really want to manifest and not another societal concept. Think first! Don't follow! You have the power to change the meaning of societal roles and stereotypes and words. Words only have the power we give them and we do have the power to take it back and assign a new meaning. Future generations will know the meaning we give to words.....

Many blessings )0(

Lady Carolina

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