Sunday, February 12, 2012

What would the Goddess do?

There are weekends that have a theme for us to work on. For me, this weekend was about "what would the Goddess do?" It started when I began reading the book "The Triple Goddess Tarot by Isha Lerner." In this book, this author had a phrase that really called my attention: "What would life be like if I lived each day as if I were the Goddess?" This phrase really resonated with me in a deep level. I thought about all the times that I felt the victim of things happening to me, the other times when rage led the way, the times when I would just want to scream but instead I would say yes and bottle up my emotions. I also thought about the times when I would look at myself in the mirror and think I was not enough - not beautiful enough, not intelligent enough, not powerful enough, not strong enough- and the list can keep going as you can imagine.

Would the Goddess look at herself in the mirror and not accept herself for who she is? I don't think so. She would look in the mirror and know she just is. She is perfect. Nothing missing, nothing extra, just so.

Would the Goddess have a pity trip because things are not going according to plan? No! She would sit down and vision her realm again. She would not dwell in being a victim. She will just plan and execute.

Would the Goddess overextend herself without taking care of her own needs first? I don't think so. She would make sure that she is compassionate and giving but would never burn out or run out of energy because she has given too much. Harmony is part of who the Goddess is.

As the weekend kept going, the message became louder and louder. I participated in the class Goddess Rising with Yeshe Rabbit and in that class we went over what we would do if we were Goddesses. How we would react if we choose to react. That was a very key concept for me since we do have the power to choose whether we want to react or not to something. We are always ready but only if we choose to engage, we do so. We can also choose to not react and that's perfectly ok. When I thought about the past week - my husband crashing his car, work being crazy, life just getting in the way _ I couldn't help but think how those experiences would have been different if I would have taken from the point of the Goddess instead of my own. Would it have been different? Would I have reacted differently? Not sure. I just know that from now on I will always think "What would the Goddess do?" or "WWGD?" for short before choosing a course of action.

This is my new mantra "WWGD?" I am a divine being and I will live my life like one.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina

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