Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of the Queen

"Why don't you take the train instead of driving?" My dad said today when I told him I was traveling to Los Angeles to visit The Goddess Temple of Orange County at the end of this month. The conversation came about because my husband had crashed his car and I was telling my father we needed to resolve that situation before I left because I was taking my car with me. If anything, my husband would have to rent a car but that was the extend of my comment. I could feel the fear in his voice, the doubt, the wonder. Can she drive 7 hours alone? Will she be ok? Why isn't she taking a plane or the train? I know I will always be his baby because children are always babies in their parents' eyes but I also wanted to set up the boundary that I am an adult, a grown up woman, and a road trip alone can be very beneficial for me at this time in my path when I am making lots of decisions, visioning my realm and what I want to manifest in the next few years. It could be time to think, to draft, to plan, to draw. When I told my dad my friend and Priestess sister may come with me, I could feel the relief in his voice and he was like "well, if you are going with somebody is ok to drive because you will not be alone...." What is it about being alone that so many people fear? Can't we be with our own minds for a few hours without fear of breakdown? Topic for another blog...

I never told my dad "daddy, daddy, don't sail a ship, why don't you take a plane to go to Spain?" When he was traveling, he was the captain. Nobody would dare to contradict him, to tell him other way. He was the king, the one that drew the chart to follow, the one that hold the vision for the whole crew. It's interesting how at times he can not see I am very similar to him. I am an adventurer. I am a Queen. I am the captain of my own ship. I know where I am going. I know my destination and I trust myself completely to make it happen. I don't fear 7 hours on my own. I don't fear a long trip. I don't fear being with myself because I am my own best friend and I know I can do this. While he was questioning my trip because he was saying that it was too short and why I was doing it, he was telling me that next time he came to the US he was going to stop in Lima to see a friend... in my mind I was like ... "mmmm, so you will stop in Lima (Peru) to see your friend from work but it's too much for me to drive to see this amazing Temple and meet with the Grand Queen and her First Priestess." How is that different? So then I remember Rev. Ava Park's words when she said "just said... ohhhh you are so funny." and then move on. So that's what I did, I told him... "ohhh it's ok daddy, I'll be ok... I am still planning and visioning, don't worry."

To change the topic, I decided to start talking about my trip to Buenos Aires. Yes! I finally started visualizing a date and I think I will be travelling on May 24 for 10 days. Ohhh, I think you guessed it... At time my dad said "ohhh but I thought you were coming earlier, you always come in March or April..." "You need to look into Lan Chile and go through Lima...." He was planning my whole trip!!!! So again, I said "you are so funny.... I will go in May because I have many deadlines before that, I am going to take advantage of Memorial Day and I will check tickets soon." Once again, I set up the boundary that I can vision my trip, I can make my decisions. Mr. Captain Amor - Ms. Captain Amor-Boggs is on duty, relax! Funny enough, he was not so worried about my husband not coming. Somehow traveling to Buenos Aires alone is ok but going to Los Angeles is not. Double standards???? mmmmmmm, He is so funnyyyyyyyy!

This queen has her trips planned, visioned and now she will execute them. Clarity of thought. Clarity of communication. Clarity of vision, and people adjust.

Many blessings )0(

Lady Carolina

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