Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday I had the strength to stand against the world, to face my life with courage and passion, to speak my truth and be strong. Today, I find myself weak and struggling, is what I saw yesterday not true after all? Was that spark just a spark to get me started or it was the real thing? Sometimes it gets the time to face our demons, it gets the time to face our fears and see whether we can strong or just collapse like a castle made out of poker cards.

Life always present us challenges and if we get stuck in the past, it is hard for us to be in the now moment. When I think about the past, I can see moments when I was very high and moments where I was very low. Times of strength and times of weakness. Times of passion and times of just status quo. Life is just a rainbow of emotions and we can go high, we can go low, we can go one side or the other but in the end it´s whether we stay stuck in the past or we can move on.

The past will not make us strong but it will provide a foundation for us to walk on. It will provide a structure that we can break if we wish to or stay the same. The past is just the past, whether it is amazing or it is just plain vainilla, it´s the past. The present moment is what is real now. I feel like my past was filled with fairy tales and amazing stories but that´s the past. It is time to move on, to live in the present and realize that life goes on. That what it felt amazing once now may be ok, or below expectations. It is time to define the future and draft the vision because without a vision, the Queen within myself has no realm to rule. She wants a vision for the now moment where she is appreciated and loved as a Loved Queen and a Visionary Priestess. She wants to feel appreciated, valued, loved and respected.

Yesterday is just a day away. The now moment is reality. Don´t live in the past because the past is gone, the future is not here yet, so NOW is the time to live in. Today is the day to make it true. Live in the now moment and don´t linger in the past since it can not be changed.

Many Blessings,

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis

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