Monday, February 3, 2014

No Hooks!

Don´t bite the hook!!!! I read that book a few years ago by Pema Chodron and somehow the image of her words have come to life for me since I came back from Buenos Aires. As I got off the plane, I have been faced with many variables that I could not predict. As a Virgo, you may know that I have plan A, plan B, Plan C, and just in case I also have Plan D and E because you never know what the Universe can through to you and you need to be ready! As I face the challenges that life is bringing to me, I do it with effortless motions and I try to not get attached to any particular outcome but trust that everything that happens is for the better and that I will eventually see the blessing in disguise.

The other day I was talking to one of my friends when I found myself saying "I have no hooks... they can toss anything they want at me and it will not stick because there is nothing to grab to." When I read "don´t bite the hook!" I was working on some anger issues and the premise of the book was to eliminate the emotions that cause a person to get upset and react so there are no hooks to grab onto. If there are hooks, people´s words will take you on a trip where if you are triggered you may end up in a turmoil that you did not expect so the best strategy is to have no hooks so nothing can grab onto you.

As I have mentioned in the past, my annual rising sign is Piscis and one of the characteristics Piscis has is the ability to surrender and go with the flow. They don´t get attached to anything but instead they may be floating between the worlds with the good fish and the bad fish swimming together in perfect harmony, shadow and light, accepting what is and letting go of any attachments.

During the first month of this 2014, I have been faced with some situations that would have triggered me. I am pushed with deadlines, people are showing their true colors in my life helping me determine who can stay and who can go in the journey of life. As in the Mission, when the guy is carrying the bad of things going up the mountain and the priest cuts it off and lets it fall in the abyss. I am seeing the bag of my life moving away from me and trust me it is painful but when I am in doubt, I remember how I was 11 years ago when I had to leave everything for a dream, two bags...that´s all I brought to this country and I had no hooks. I had dreams and visions for the future but nothing else was holding me down. Now I am at the same pivotal point in life where everything is resetting and I am beginning again. This time I am older, hope wiser, and as good as a manifestor as I was before so I will make my vision come true.

One thing I am sure, I have no hooks! You can try provoke me, irritate me, or try to get my attention but I will not respond. Not because I don´t care about you, just because nothing sticks. I see reality as it is and I accept it. I go with the flow and in that flow I know what my intuition tells me and what is true for me. I am following my own GPS in life and I am definitely sitting in the driver seat of my life.

No hooks! Just speed!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina A. Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja


  1. Gracias Caro, muy positivo y sobre todo importante recordar que somos duenhos de nuestras vida y que lo que pasa es lo mejor. Abrazos.