Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do Rain!

I love Stuart Wilde!!! Too bad he passed away last year but his teachings will remain with us forever. Today, I decided to pop in his Infinite Self CD in the car as I was driving to work and I was reminded of what I knew before but I have forgotten during these past few months. As I listened to him talking about discipline and the mind and how when we are stuck in traffic we should just do traffic and don´t engage in emotions, I thought about the past few months when I´ve been engaged in many emotions that have not been very productive. They have actually been very damaging in a sense because they have left me with feelings of loneliness and not being enough, feelings of no matter how much I give I am left alone and fears of trusting.

Mr. Wilde was right when he said the ego likes playing with us and our minds, it also likes to let our fears run loose, and in a way they run the show. Every time we engage in emotions such as anger, we are giving our power away to those emotions. If it is raining and you are so concerned of getting wet because the ego will get inconvenienced with the rain and does not like cold water running down the neck, that´s a time to train your ego that it is not in charge. You and your infinite self are in charge and your purpose may imply something that is not very comfortable to your ego but you still have to push your barriers and move forward.

It is hard to just do rain. It´s hard to just do traffic. It´s also hard to do upset boss but with training we are able to do those emotions without engaging, just being an observer of life. We are able to detect those emotions and just tell the ego it´s ok and it will not bother you.

When I heard my boss´boss was giving her two week´s notice and we have a filing coming up in which I´ve been working non-stop since January, I first got upset and shocked as I started thinking of all the things we have to redo in 10 days and then I realized we can do it, we can do "redo". It is what it is and sometimes we can´t push the river so we just have to go with the flow.

The same has happened to me with other situations lately such as some of my loved ones passing and me having to do grieving. I was also faced with the end of my marriage and I had to do divorce and now I have to do single again. Life is such an experience and we are always faced with change but it is how we handle change and our emotions that defines our experiences. It is our response to events that determines some outcomes. We can get angry about destiny or we can embrace it. We can be sad about losses or we can let them go knowing that they will leave space for new things to come because when one door closes another one opens.

As I ran tonight, I thought the future begins now. It´s time to stop focusing on the future or the past but live in the present moment and be detached from emotions that are not healthy for me. It´s time to just be and enjoy life. I live in a great place, I have a beautiful home, a good job that allows me to live by myself and I am the leader of a wonderful community. I have so many things to be grateful for and many times I focused on what I don´t have. It´s time to forget the future because the future is now! and the actions I take today will ripple into the future outcomes! It´s time to stop engaging with emotions that do not serve me anymore and instead just be! Be present! Be open! Trust and just Do Rain!

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina Amor

Presiding Priestess of Circulo de Isis
Member of the Archdruid Union
Founder of Tienda Roja

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