Friday, November 21, 2014

Adventures of the Maiden Queen - Part I

Hollywood!!!!!!! Do I hear somebody say Universal Studios Hollywood? Yes, it is true! Two weeks ago, I embarked myself in a journey with my own best friend - me! I am usually one that plans everything and knows what she will be doing till December next year... not kidding! I have a busy schedule and I do plan ahead of time but this time, the universe conspired for me to get into my Maiden self and my Queen was able to manifest it.

My Priestess sister was having her tribe performing a ritual at the Goddess Temple of Orange County so I decided I had to be there. In the beginning I thought about spending the whole day at the Temple but as the planning phase progressed, I found myself buying a ticket to Universal Studios and planning a trip there as well! There was a part of me that was saying all work and no play makes Carolina a dull girl... I am a Priestess 24/7 and a Compliance Officer 40 plus hours a week so it was time to have some fun. Some people get scared about doing things like this one their own but I found myself in the most exciting adventure ever.

It´s started at 5 am on Friday morning when I was observing the magic of the Full moon from the bedroom window. I knew magic was in the air when I saw the rays on my face and my pillow. Then I checked my cell phone and I saw my essay had been accepted for a book that will be published next year! I prepared my bags and got in the car with my coffee, some good music and my GPS. There was some traffic but I was able to "do traffic" and get to 5 in one hour. I have done this trip so many times I almost know the different landmarks that tell me when I am getting to the forever 30 minute drive! Yes, so many things change but LA traffic never does! You can count on hitting traffic no matter what time you get there.

My goals for the trip were to eat some Argentinean food, to have sushi in my favorite place, to have a massage, to go to Universal Studios and to attend the Honey Blood Priestesses ritual. The rest was left for the universe to decide! I also had specific rides I wanted to try at Universal Studios and then I would just go with the flow. As I got to LA, I decided not to stop in the Argentinean restaurant that was close to the LA office I work for and instead keep going and go to the one that was 10 minutes from Irvine. As I got to the restaurant at 2:30 pm, the host greeted me and informed me I barely made it. I was confused by this situation as the Yelp Goddess said they were opened from 8 am to 9 pm so I wonder whether I should tell them they should update their website. I would not have gone there if I had known they would be closing in 30 minutes! Besides, the place was empty!! I was the one and only guest so I got all the attention. Not only the server did not believe I was from Argentina (I guess I look very American these days), he was also flirting with me and gave me the stink eye when I ordered tons of food. I looked at him and I said "I know it´s a lot of food but I am here to try a bit of everything and I´ll take the rest in a box." Besides, this lady can eat dude! As the meal progressed, he kept making small talk and that´s when I found out that there was a Deli next door and the Deli was opened 8 am to 9 pm!!! Well, I was there dressed from my road trip and ordering a lot of food... felt like pretty woman in Beverly Hills! After my meal, I went to the deli where I found my favorite chocolates and I bought the whole box. I was in paradise! This trip was already feeling very healing.

I got to the hotel, unpacked and went for my massage. Then I went to my favorite Sushi restaurant, sushi Imari, and I waited for over 40 minutes but I was determined to eat there. As I waited, I noticed I was the only person there who was a party of 1. This was surprising but the most surprising part was that I was not feeling lonely. I had an amazing dinner and went back to the hotel where I had my bubble bath and relaxed. 

On Saturday morning, I departed early to Hollywood as it is 55 minutes away from Irvine with no traffic... ha ha ha. They should avoid quoting the no traffic times as there is always traffic! It´s the only guaranteed! As I was driving to Universal Studios, I looked at the right and I see the Hollywood sign... yes, I´ve lived in the US in California for over 10 years and never seen the Hollywood sign! It was exciting as I felt like I was in the movies or some of my favorite shows. The emotion did not stop there because Universal Studios was filled with all the magic of movies and television. I felt like a pop star. I had goose bumps as I got into some rides and the whole experience was really fascinating. Not only I got to be in the front row for most of the rides, I also appreciated being alone there as they had single rider lines!!!! The whole trip was amazing and gave me a feeling of empowerment and freedom. I did embody the Maiden Queen all weekend long by not fearing adventure and just exploring and having fun. I know this is not the last one so this is the Adventures of the Maiden Queen - Part I. Stay tuned! More adventures to come!

Many blessings,

Carolina A. Amor

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