Friday, November 28, 2014

Victim or Victor?

Oh no.... Everything happens to me!!! Why???? I am so lonely!!! I don´t have enough money.... my coworker got the promotion that was supposed to be mine... nobody likes me .... Have you ever heard any of these phrases? These are examples of victim behavior and this behavior is a choice. The opposite side of this coin is the one that even though they face adversity, they are still happy and moving forward because they feel they have conquered a fear or a situation they thought they may not be able to deal with. I was introduced to the equation E+R=O (event+response=outcome) a few years ago. This equation can help us move from a place of victimhood to a place of victory. We are not able to control the events in our lives but we are able to control our responses to those events and those responses shape our outcomes. 

If the universe sends you a challenging situation, you can choose to accept it as "it is what it is" and try to find the best solution possible or you can cry over spilt milk. The decision is yours. We always have a choice. 

We are the architects of our own lives. We co-create the reality we live in with the Divine. If you do not like what you see in your life, you can change it. You have the tools and are able to shift your reality but it takes for you to get out of the victim role and step into the victor role. When we feel that the universe is against us, we feel lonely, abandoned and with no hope, we need to look around and and see what areas of our lives we need to change so we can vibrate at a higher level and let go of those blocks. Positive energy attracts positive energy. You may need to end some relationships or shift the dynamics in them. You may need to change jobs. You may need to move. One thing is certain, we need to get out of being a victim and sit on the driver seat of our lives. 

We can´t let others or situations determine our happiness level. It´s our job to change our responses so our outcomes are different. No matter how much you cry to others or talk about how bad things are, nothing is going to change until you choose a different response.

Are you a victim or victor?

Many blessings,

Carolina Amor

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